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Call of Duty Elite Beta: Sign ups under way

Call of duty elite (the new pay as you play) application for call of duty games has just been announced. Now a sign up page for the closed beta has been brought to life. So go here and sign up to get in on the beta. Once again, go here .

Live Family Pack: Saving and your friends cash.

I recently ran into an issue with xbox live. My wife recently subscribed to Netflix, so she has naturally been burning up bandwidth watching episodes of my pregnant teen, and wives of the army (or whatever show she feels like watching). She had a gamertag and I figured I would just tie it to her account. I was then given a big no-no from Microsoft. For some reason (which makes no sense to me) you have to be a Gold Member to stream Netflix. So not only are you paying $10 a month for Netflix, but you are also having to pay $60 a year for Gold to use the feature. So in the face of adversity, I tied it to my Gold Account. Big mistake. I soon discovered that I was unable to do anything while she was watching her shows. No offline play, no gathering achievements, no online in another room, nothing. At first I thought “ok, ill deal with this until I get the money for her gold account.” But was soon told that I didn’t need to pay $120 a year and that was too much for Xbox live. Saturday comes

Avatar Legends: A Must Have Indie Game

[youtube] I usually browse the indie game section on xbox live every few days. Many of the games there... well, arent the most fun to play. I really have enjoyed a few games though from the indie marketplace, Stunt Bike Racer, and Avatar Golf come right to mind. But I have sense found a new favorite, and its even taken playing time away from my achievement whoring. When I scrolled over Avatar Legends, it instantly caught my eye. I didnt purchase it right away though. The next day at work, i jumped on youtube and found this trailer for the game. At that moment I was sold.  The game is so clever and witty, and has more humor than any rpg ive ever played.  I keep finding things that make me laugh. Like today I was going through the open world and read a sign that said "Lost Forrest: We would call it Woods but fear a law suit". Clearly a hit at OOT. It's brilliant and subtle humor, it even plays on things from the

Free Stuff: Jake will be happy

Finally some more free stuff. Today its dog food. Not much for us humans, but I'm sure your little four legged friends will enjoy it. At least I know Jake did last time I got some nice dog food samples. Of course Jake likes eating pretty much everything. Either way free is free and as my dad often puts it, "If it's free, it's for me." Fill out form here .  ( or click here )

A bumm knee booo

Long story short, I have knee problems. Have since middle school. My knee cap keeps moving out of position. Anyway, thursday the problem reared it's ugly head again. So know I'm limping around ready for the pain and the swelling to subside. Walking miles have been brought to a halt until this gets figured out. I spoke to pt friday and they are suppose to show me some exercises this week to help with the problem. Looks like I might be stuck at 279 another week. What a bummer. At this rate I won't hit 250's before our cruise. Let's hope metabolism kicks into high gear this week. Any suggestions?

Ready for the weekend.

Friday is finally here. Now to breeze thru a couple more hours and its time off. My plans this weekend are going to some yard sales tomorrow to find some more vintage stuff. Im also going to fix some pc's that need repair and try to finish off portal 2. That's my plans... Unlesss of course I'm in the rapture. What's yours?

2 Liters of water. SRSLY???

So I'm sitting at lunch listening to the radio.  They have dietitians on the radio today, and they are recommending for weight loss that people rise up out of bed and immediately drink 2 liters of water, then workout. Choking down water is hard enough as is, but getting up first thing in the morning and drowning down 2 liters of water doesn't sound too much fun. But from what I'm hearing, it helps start the metabolism immediately. As too where breakfast takes some time. Let's see if I can't get too 230-250 range before july. That's the goal... Here we go. Drake out.

A Successful Saturday

Today was my sisters college graduation (Congrats Sis), It is also Saturday. So that means Yard Sales. This is the first year in my life that i am actually excited about yard sales. I never knew the deals that were out there, and since im trying to expand my game collection what better place to do so.  Last night I mapped out our route and locations with google maps. It was a very succesful outing today. grabbed up some old Nes games and stuff. I was quiet stoked. Plus we got to spend time together bonding and meddling over other people's junk. What else could a person ask for? Now for pics of my loot: Pretty good for my first outing. Drake Out.

No Blood Code

So the wife decided today, while being bored, that she wanted to play snes. She hasnt quiet advanced to the modern consoles yet, she enjoys simplicity. So I suggested donkey kong country. I have yet to beat it. But instead she chose mortal kombat (the original) for snes. Growing up with mk on the genesis. First thing I asked was "Do you know the blood code?". She said no, didn't even know of such a thing. So I pulled up the old inet. I then learned that sega did what nintendidnt. There was never a blood code included in the snes version. This was no longer mk, it was shaq fu. The moves were still the same, but no blood, no brutality. I watched as the grey sweat flew out. She then uppercut me on the pit to trigger the level fatality. No gore. Just a body lying on nails. I then used scorpion and did his fatality. Still mostly the same, but instead of fatality, im greeted with "finishing move bonus". I learned something that day. Mortal kombat on snes just didn

Giveaway: Metro 2033 Avatar Mask

At random times, I like to give back to my readers. I recently got a avatar code for use on 360. Its a mask for your avatar that I think looks like a bird. I already have it, so I dont need it. All you have to do is comment back to this post with your answer. The winner will be sent the code in a personal message. I dont like lurkers to take such codes lol. Question: What item gets wet while it dries?

Operation Fat Guy Update: Lower Stats

I just finished checking my blood pressure on the machine at wal-mart. 123 over 79. A huge improvement from my 139 over 80 I started with. Im stoked...

Free Stuff: Age of Empires Online Beta, Join Now for Free

Forgot To post this Yesterday, Being banned didnt really prohibit it either. Age of Empires Online Beta has been live for some time, but they are now opening it up to everyone who wants in on it. Its Free, so its for me. Only catch is you gotta catch it before sunday. Link Here: Drake Out

Operation Fat Guy: Weight Update

I am officialy out of the 280's. Weighed in this morning at 279.4. I still have a long way to go, but its progress. Now if only I could get off the gears of war 3 beta and do some exercise. Im just not ready for it yet...

Terms of Service Breach and What Ive Learned...

So I think I might have found out why my first blog freefest was shutdown. As some of you all may know, I posted about my project to get a free ps3, stating I did the same on my last blog. Well I guess that is a no-no.  I have found out that wordpress frowns on referral links. So I had to remove it. Well all is well that ends well. I have the blog back, and the deemed content has been removed. I am still going to blog about the experience though, cause I dont think there is a clause against that. Anyway on another topic, its friday.

Operation Fat Guy

A few months ago, my boss challenged me to a race, if you will, to see who could lose the most weight in 6 months. So being competitive in nature, naturally I accepted. Unfortunately for me, I had started my regiment the following week and had already dropped 5 pounds over the weekend. The rules to the competition are quiet simple: 1. No fad diets (ie: atkins, or shang-ri la) 2. No surgeries or implant devices 3. No miracle pills So basically, lose weight with hard work and safety. I started my diet routine on a friday weighing in at whopping 311, on the official competition weigh in, I banked in at 306. He started at 285. Over the last 3 months I have lost 31 pounds (i go by starting 311), and right now weighed in at 280.6. Just wanted to let it be known what operation fat guy is so when post are up, you won't be in the dark.

Osama has been killed, and my quest for free stuff.

Well, when we got home from Lexington (after a day of shopping with my wife), I get a text message from my buddy Eric, saying Osama has been killed.  While excited because justice has been served, I cant help but wonder what terrible things will happen in the coming weeks (or months) due to this news. Hopefully people will just say "hey you know what, maybe killing innocent people isnt the right way of doing things" then the democracy switch will turn on for the middle east and all will be free and loving. But I don't see this as a realistic scenario. In other news, I once had a blog here some time ago, chronicling how to require free stuff. Well the itch has kicked back in, so im out to get free stuff. Mainly for gaming purpose (read the blog site title, Jeez). Anyway id first like to extend my hand to the superpoints network.  I have been using this site for years, and have acquired $100 - $200 in gift certificates for It's neat cause you get points for