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Deep Discounts on Windows Phone Games

Microsoft must be in a giving mood this time of year or something. No its not free (too good to be true) but it is low enough to stop from breaking the bank. On the market/store (whatever it is now) you can find some discounted titles, that usually have a high price. Kinectimals Doodle Jump iStunt 2 geoDefense Swarm Mush Contre Jour All come in at .99 cents until the 31st. Also Galaga Legions DX and Pac-Man CE DX are discounted at the moment at .99 cents but no timeline, so grab those quick before their gone.

Tis' The Season for Free Avatar Gear

I got bored today and decided to refresh the dashboard for awhile to see if there were any new ads giving away free avatar gear. To my surprise there was quiet a few. Target Ad - I saw this ad pop up many many times while refreshing dashboard for new ads. Clicking it will net you a neat little puppy for your avatar to play with.   Verizon Ad - T-Mobile ads were abundant on the dashboard. It took me forever to finally pop-up the Verizon ad but finally got it to show. The ad shows an elf you can download by viewing ad. The Elf is pretty sweet, it has a jet pack and flys around your avatar. While your here you might as well grab the tablet,hoverboard, and phone props also offered from this ad.     Ford Mustang Ad - I heard about this ad on CAG a while back but it never came up. It just now started showing on my dashboard. The ad shows a ford mustang that is two different colors. This ad gives you alot more than I was expecting. Viewing the ad will net you 5, ye