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Titanfall for 360, media blackout.

If you follow me on Twitter, you have already seen me discussing Titanfall on 360 and the lack of knowledge out there for it. Titanfall 360 is suffering a media blackout everywhere, only comparable to the Call of Duty releases on the Wii. Its the first time I have been excited for a game and got basically no knowledge of its existence. No ones talking about it. I realize why Microsoft done this. I mean they are trying to attach Titanfall to the Xbox One to help move consoles, but if that's the case, make it an exclusive. I personally would deal with it better if it was exclusive to XB1, then I'd know. But right now, we know Titanfall is coming to 360 also, but haven't seen even a single screenshot of it on the 360. Now a few on the inets are lead to believe that the 360 version will be up to par with the XB1 release. which makes sense to me. If it wasn't, wouldn't we be seeing a media blitz comparing the two and saying "See this is why you need the Xb

TSG Guide - Women's Murder Club (Windows Phone)

Now, I'm not going to complain much about TrueAchievements and its user-submitted guides, but sometimes they are so hard to follow. Women's Murder Club guide is a prime example. I always heard the game was really easy, but when I first took a glimpse at the guide on TA, I instantly became confused. I was being told to play the first mission over and over again, with no clue why. Women's Murder Club is like I-Spy, you are given scenes with a list of things at the bottom that you need to find. The game can get tough, cause some things are really well hidden, but you are given hints you can use, just use them sparingly, cause you they have to last for at least a few scenes. After you find everything on a scene, you have to collect evidence, that is shown to you by glittering spots on the scene. Its all really easy, so don't go worrying about it. Drakes Method: So here's how I played the game. Just start a new campaign and enjoy it.  You will more than l