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Batman: Under the Red Hood - Free on 360/XB1/PC

Its the weekend and maybe some of you fancy a free movie. Batman: Under the Red Hood is a free rental currently on the Xbox platforms and PC (Xbox Video) The animated Batman movie has good reviews (8.0 IMDb) so may be worth the 75 minute watch. Check it out, if you need something to do.

Getting prepped for the TSG TTK Raid

As all of you know, The Taken King is out and the raid has been conquered. But the guys at TSG, we all have full-time jobs, families and only get to play Destiny when we can (make time for). So we are spending this week prepping for the raid (that 290 light, grrrr....) Right now, it looks like Tony currently has the lead (292) followed by Eric (291). I am of course a week behind, and coming in third at 284, and the major grind has set in for me. Other members of our raid group Richie (Richieg13) ranks in at 287 and Bryan (who is TBD) sets in at 237. Andrew (our 6th man) is setting at a level 32 Titan with 144 light. We miss you Andrew, its time to jump back in.

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Free on 360

If you didn't read enough F word in that post title, here's a chance to do it again. Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight is free on 360 (coming soon to Xbox One,PS3,PS4) I know nothing about the game other than its based on the monumentally successful  Frozen movie. It looks like it's just another puzzle game. But you know what we say here at Thumbstick Gamer, if it's free, it's for me. Time to shame those gamercards and download below: ***NOTE*** - This game does have micro-transactions, so be leery of that.

Red Bull's Destiny Quest Detailed

I know we never spoke about the Red Bull Destiny promotion, but there is a Red Bull promotion that deals with Destiny. The promotion gives you access to an exclusive quest and an item called Focused Light that grants you 1 hour of double XP (Max number is 100) which is very usable with The Taken King bringing the new XP based level system with it. So, we already knew/know how the focused light will work, but we never heard word about the exclusive quest. I had my thoughts (a strike in which  you fight a giant flying Red Bull can at the end) but Red Bull recently detailed the quest. No video unfortunately, but it looks like the new exclusive quest will have you doing something you have never done inside of Destiny. A racing/speed mechanic. If interested, you can read the details here:

Blurb - Geothermal is working again, Life is great.

So over a month ago, my geothermal at the house bit the dust, all at the same time we were in a 95-90 degree hit wave. Because of this I was contained to gaming upstairs on my Xbox One. Not a bad deal, but I had already started Earthbound and really wanted to finish it. Since then, I received my GBA cart of the Mother 3 English translation, (Earthbound 3) which just added to the excitement and wanting to finish it. Well as of yesterday afternoon, life is back to normal. I can once again resume my Earthbound quest. #Hype