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Quick Thoughts: Wheres the arm hair?

Im setting here after dinner reading the latest issue of Game Center. If you guys are ever at Walmart, stop by the electronics department and grab and issue. The articles are a good quick read and the best part is, its free. Anyway, Im reading the article about Madden 15 being the best football game ever made. Reading the details of what makes it so much better and not just another roster update (hint hint: its a $60 roster update). Looking at the pictures of the game, then glancing down at my own arm I notice something. Something I have never really thought about before. Wheres the arm hair? This is suppose to be one of the most realistic football games ever made and all the players arms look like something from Clay Fighter. Unless all football players shave their arm hair to make them harder to tackle or something... Come to think about it, I don't remember seeing arm hair on any video game character. I remember seeing tattoos, dirt and sleeves, but never actually human arm hai

Assassins Creed: Pirates Released for WP8 and WIN8

Ubisoft has released Assassin's Creed: Pirates, for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 OS. I use the name Assassin's Creed loosely on this one because this is as much Assassins Creed as Mario is just because he jumps. This game takes the ship battles from AC3 and Black flag and turns them into a minigame with various mechanics. One of the mechanics is a knock off of fruit ninja. The games also ties in the Assassins as little as possible. This is more like an upgraded Sid Miers Pirates, without the strategy. The game gets repetitive quickly and not worth the $4.49 price tag on both platforms in my opinion. Worst part though, the Windows 8 version is not unlocking achievements currently. Wait till this one goes on sale peeps.

DIY: Famicom to NES adapter - $20

Just created a guide to creating a Famicom adapter, that will allow you to play Japanese famicom games on your US NTSC NES system. Only set me back $20 and was hella easy to do. Check the how-to guide: Here