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Halo Infinite Campaign Hype

I have been a long time Halo fan since its first release on the OG XBOX. I have played every campaign since on release (except for Halo 5 - Which I don't even remember honestly). So I am pretty excited about the Infinite campaign release. Being 36 now, I doubt ill stay up all night to take a deep dive into it (adult responsibilities 😕), but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like too.  I am excited to see how the openness of Infinite implements into the Halo formula.  I may even review it, maybe... probably not.

Halo Infinite MP is a blast, but it's Battle Pass is @$$!!!

  I have really been enjoying my time with Halo Infinites Multiplayer since its surprise drop to Game Pass.  It still has that Halo feel with upgrades and new features, all stuff you can read elsewhere, and I know this part has been said countless times, but Halo's battle pass, right now, is complete garbage.  Typically, I do not buy the Battle Pass for F2P games, because I just don't see the need and know, personally, that I will never get to that top tier it requires to get everything. But, I love Halo. I enjoy Halo. The few hours I actually spend gaming anymore, I want to spend shooting Spartan's and playing with friends.  So I bought the Battle Pass.  Ugh... Its bad enough that the XP gained right now to level up is worst than that of a snail crawl, but earning items you cant use unless you have a certain gear attached is just dumb. If your going to have a visor color unlock, make it unlockable for all armors.  Also why cant I earn Halo Credits (or whatever its called)