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Undead nightmare thoughts.

So I've been playing through my backlog and have started with red dead redemption: undead nightmare. Now I loved the regular rdr storyline, and was intrigued by the addition of zombies to the old west. Truth be known this is my first game to play that has zombies (other than cod, not sure that counts.) So far I have loved it. I am now though at a part where I am unsure what to do. So hopefully I can figure it out tonight and get back to the love. For anyone who is into zombies and cowboys this is a must have. Hell I think as it stands it's a must have for anyone.

Almost that time of year again.

       After Reading my local newspaper, I have found that it is almost bargain hunting season again. Its YARD SALE SEASON!!! Which means one or two things: 1.Cheap Video Games 2.People wanting way too much for junk. Last year I was able to nab a working dreamcast with two games, and controllers. Probably my best find, Hopefully this year will yield many more results, hopefully I can finally get my hands on the cheap copy of FF7 I have been searching 2 years for. Anyone else looking forward to this time of year of am I just weird?

For some reason..

I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blog. Between the long working hours and my many projects I keep forgetting. I promise to try to get more up here soon. A couple things I have going on though. I got a mosin nagant given to me a few years ago by my dad who was going to throw it away. So I'm looking to mod that. Im collaborating a paintball sniper. I know, I know there is no such thing but just carrying one around will be fun. On the games front, I got a free snes game given to me from my mom. She saved it from a fire, woot. Plus it's mushroom season, so yeah, plenty on the way. Here's a pic of our haul last night. 139 in an hour outing. Drake out