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Thumbstick Reader: City at World's End

Shortly after finishing Halo: Glasslands, my mind was ready to take another adventure. Something new and of course something free. So I grabbed my Kindle Fire and jumped on . For those unaware, ManyBooks is a resource for many free ebooks, that have lost their copyrights, and are ow offered for free. You wont find the newest or best sellers here, but none the less, many great stories. I scanned through the sci-fi archives and one intrigued me. City at World's End by Edmond Hamilton. I haven't read anything from this author before so I leaped in on this story just by reading its synopsis. The story follows a small American town called Middletown, that gets hit not by an atomic bomb, but a mega super atomic bomb, and instead of being utterly destroyed in flash, the bomb separates the time continuum and propels the town (in its current state) to a time millions of years in the future with a dying, fading sun and a dying earth that is cold and desolate.  You

New Windows Phone Client

I've been without old droid for awhile now, and finally getting around to downloading a blogger app for my windows phone. Since there's not much available to us rare WP Users. This app doesn't allow me to post pics. Unfortunate but until something else is available, this is as good as it gets.

Free Avatar Prop: Verizon Tablet

Back again. Back to inform you guys of another free avatar prop from Verizon. It's a Verizon Tablet for your avatar to frolic around with. I havent seen the animation for this yet but I did unlock it. This is the ad you need to find on the dashboard: We have been seeing alot of these giveaways here as of late (Lucky for us) and it looks like Verizon plan of giving away some morem props/awards in the future so stay tuned.