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Super Russian Roulette - Kickstarter

This is probably the most interesting kick starter I have seen in awhile. Super Russian Roulette is a new party game coming to the NES. The game looks like a basic party game that makes use of the Nintendo's Light Gun in a way not seen before. The game puts you and friends up against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy in a friendly round of Russian Roulette. Yeah, its odd to say, friendly game of Russian Roulette, but this looks like an absolute blast. The kickstarter currently runs for another 27 days and pledging $55 or more will snag you the game cart, soundtrack and a supporter sticker.  Support this Kick Starter here:

Rambling: The Simplicity of Retro's

As you all know, Retro's have always had a special place in my heart. But, up until recently, I have always had a problem sticking with playing them. They visually didn't impress me and looked much worst then I remembered them. A few weeks ago, all of that changed. A Sony Trinitron was posted for sale on a local Facebook yard sale group. I had always heard that the Trinitrons were a superior way to play your favorite retro games, but never put much credence behind it, because I had never seen one in person. Plus the price of $20, I was extremely intrigued. So after much deliberation with myself, I decided it was worth a shot. 30 minutes later and with the help from a buddy, the 300 pound TV was sitting in my basement. Moment of truth was upon me, had I made my best retro buy to date, or did I just buy a large piece of tube TV junk? It was beautiful and best of all, there was zero delay between screen a controller. This made those spot on jumps notorious in a lot

All Pre-Owned 360 games jump in price @ Gamestop. Why?

I have a routine at lunch. Browse Twitter, respond to emails and search GameStop for price drops. Usually I finnd nothing new, but today I found something completely opposite from my expectations. That's right, previous games that have been .99 cents (for a few years) are now marked up to $4.96 This may be a response to the XBOX One's Backwards Compatibility expansion, or maybe just a glitch on the site (I'm hoping for the later). I have reached out to GameStop for a response, will update once more info is given.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow - Excitement has kicked in.

Back in the day, I was a big Pokemon player, that all started when I found a Pokemon Red cartridge on the floor of my school bus one day.  Never heard a peep from anyone missing it, so I kept it for myself. The people I went to school with would shame Pokemon players, calling it a little kids game (backwoods Kentucky for you) I ripped off the label and told people on the bus it was a Spider-Man game.  I played the crap out of Pokemon Red, and loved every minute of it. I remember searching for countless hours spent searching for Mew anywhere he was rumored to appear and I have lost count how many Missing No.s I battled and caught (only to watch them evolve into high level Kangaskhan).  I even remember, finally capturing Mew (thanks to Gameshark device) and battling through campaign with Mew my main character. The surprise the first time I brought him out during a link cable trainer battle with a friend in middle school. He said something like "How the hell???"  So many