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Pickup the Mass Effect Collection for $10 - Gamestop

Gamestop has a pretty killer deal going on at some of their locations. The sale is a buy 3 games part of the promotion (list available at stores) for $10. There are a lot of pretty good titles that stick out, the Mass Effect series being one of the more impressive. You can pickup all 3 Mass Effect games for $10. $10 freaking bucks!!!! I missed the Mass Effect series when it was the hottest thing going and recently decided to give the series a go (starting here soon). So if your like me and were always curious about the series, now is a great time to bite. Another one of the great games on the pick 3 for $10 promotion, I can vouch for, Alpha Protocol. Majorly under-valued, and one of my favorite games I played on the 360. I even played throught the game 3 times, I enjoyed it that much. Check out the selection at your local Gamestop. Promotion runs all week. ***Edit*** Heres the list:

Needing a new PC badly

The last couple nights, I started editing videos I have been sitting on for months now, and it was a job. My PC was running 8.1 and just trying to view videos it was a choppy mess.  So I rolled back to Windows 7. Last night I got everything to my liking and tried Vegas again. Still choppy just not as bad. So I'm going to hit up my CFNo and see if she is OK with me building my own PC for video editing.  Its been so long since Ive built one from scratch as well, so would be a great refresher. 

Trying to find time

Have you ever had your something in your mind that you have already produced and came out perfect but when you lay the pieces out on the table, nothing comes together. Yeah, thats been my problem with all the videos I have tried to do for the site. Its all beautiful in my head, but the moment I record footage and start the editing process, everything falls apart and nothing ends up getting completed. I now really admire YouTube folks. Those videos are not easy to make.

Free Assassin's Creed Unity DLC

 Assassin's Creed Unity is giving us some free DLC to make up for the suffering.  Dead Kings became available on Xbox One , PS4, and PC yesterday.  The company must have felt guilty after releasing what people are saying is a glitchtastic mess.  I have played AC Unity myself on Xbox One and have not experienced too many bugs but the videos on YouTube that users have posted make me feel lucky I didn't encounter these glitches.  Although hilarious to watch, I can see where gameplay could get quite annoying at times and cause people to rage quit.   Does new DLC being free change anything?  It does for me, because we love free, let me know how you feel about it.  Enjoy the video below showing some of the glitches that have been happening in this game.  I don't take credit for the video.  My favorite is the hair flopping up and down during one of the serious cut scenes. Don't forget to download the free DLC for whatever platform you playing now even if you don't