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Free Ninja Turtles Prop // 360 Dashboard


Amazon Digital Game Sale - Amazing Deals!!!

 Yes please!!! Buy them now!!! Killer deal for great XBOX One games. Which ones are you all grabbing?

Project Spark dies August 12th

Project Spark is a game creation tool that Microsoft provided to gamers on the XB1, and PC. The game is confusing at best, but I have seen some pretty cool user creations. Given that, the game will stay confusing to many because Microsoft is taking it offline August 12th. The game in unplayable offline, so once its gone, its gone. All once paid DLC is free, so get out there and say you've played it, or at least to experience the Conkers content (which I am expecting to enjoy). I just started the game, just trying to grab all the achievements I can (not going for completion) and honestly, its been very simple thus far. Im 8 hours in and already popped 1100 GS. Of course completion whores should probably steer clear.

Another Bulletstorm Entry Inbound?

Not sure who was asking or even wanted this to happen, but today, studio People Can Fly, announced they may be working on another installment of the Storm series. Stating they are working on a new shooter along with a new indie title. Signs may be pointed at yet another Bulletstorm title. Sure, the first entry was OK, but very forgettable. I can't even remember the locations, characters or the plot. Just remember after finishing it, I never picked it back up. It was on par with other games at the time, but nothing ground breaking or made it stand out. Are you excited for another Bulletstorm entry?