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The PS3 can play PSOne (PSX) games from disc? Mind Blown!!!!

While browsing NEOGAF today, I found a thread from a user who. like myself, had no idea the PS3 could play PS1 games. I never knew this was a thing. I thought that Sony had scrapped their backwards compatible after the first edition models but that was only for PS2 emulation, the PS1 was kept intact throughout. Im baffled right now, was anyone else unaware of this?

Summer is a tough time for us...

As you all may have noticed, were not really on a whole lot during the summer. Once it gets warmer and nicer outside, the systems get turned off, well mine and Erics anyway. Tony is stil tagging away achievements, and has passed 100,000GS and set to pass me in the 2-4 weeks. Congratulations are in order, I just cant focus on playing games right now, Ive got kind of a big job promotion so im focusing all my attention on that. I actually set down and played an easy achievement game yesterday and as they were popping I said "What am I doing this for again? Im not having fun, and this game sucks balls, im just wasting time." So I powered it off and pushed my son around in his toy car. Maybe when fall kicks in and it sucks outside Ill focus more on gaming, but right now im really just wanting to play for fun.