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Last Day to finish Galactic Reign

Galactic Reign is on the hangman's podium, with the noose around its neck. At the end of the day today, Galactic Reign will no longer be playable. The game is online only and the servers go down for good today. We weren't given a time specifically, but were told it happens on 2-28-14, so get popping those achievements while you still can. If you have both PC and phone version you can pop them at the same time, so no use to do it twice, just follow guide on TA or X360A. Goodbye to a decent game that was poorly received.

Titanfall thoughts?

Since all the guys here at TSG are stuck with last gen consoles, none of us have been able to partake in the Titanfall Beta going on in XBOX One. But I have been reading and watching a lot of videos of Titanfall, but dont feel like that is anywhere near enough to form an opinion on Titanfall yet. So I pose the question to you, the readers. One of the funniest things I have read, is that after playing Titanfall, then going back to COD, it feels like you are unnaturally tied to the ground. Also have read a few bad things like how the games graphics arent there (only 792p) and how the bots take away from this game being about skill, since they are downright stupid. So what your alls thoughts on Titanfall Beta?

Mini AV2HDMI Review

The HD age has made playing retro's a bit complicated. Not only does hooking up the systems with composite connections make the games look like poop, but now the majority of TV's dont even have composite hookups, or they split it with the component connections, so you either sacrifice a HD input or constantly plug and unplug cables. Fortunately, while browsing one day for an alternative, I found the Mini AV2HDMI. This device converts composite signals into HDMI. It also says it upscales. So does the Mini AV2HDMI do what it says? and meet my expectations? You can pickup one for yourself here:

Working on videos

My video making career for the site has gotten off to an often rocky and then abandoned start. Usually armed with the best of ideas, I always end up falling flat, due to the lengthy process of actually recording, editing and publishing my mental masterpieces. My perfectionism really hampers the process. So going forward, Im just going to be putting them out and not try to focus so much about what nots right, and what I wasnt able to do. Its the only way, I can see me getting content out, which for the lack of a better word, has been lacking here as of late.

Ubisoft abandons Watch Dogs Trademark

Trouble may be on the horizon for Ubisofts supposed next lead series and all before it even gets released. Today Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has files a document to abandon the Watch Dogs trademark. Hopefully this will just be a name change, but who knows, we will update you all once we know more.