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Planning a Community Night Let's Play - Something 360 Related

I'm looking into putting a group together this weekend, to do a little let play party chat with some of our favorite 360 multiplayer games. A few hours of laid back multiplayer fun. We had lots of good times playing online with the 360, and I'm wanting to revisit it again. Im thinking COD4, Black OPs or some Halo Reach. Who's in?

Working on YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel has been neglected for awhile now. It all looked very newbish (definitely not a word) with the video just laying there and sorted every which way.  Im prepping for a big YouTube offensive, So I had to get everything grouped.  At least I hope to have more videos up soon, Hope being the key word there. You can check out the YouTube channel here:

Completed! - Chicken Blaster (Wii) - 7/12/15

Completed - 7/12/15 I felt like playing an arcade on-rails type shooter, and boy was this the wrong choice.  Chicken Blaster is an on-rails shooter for the Wii. It comes boxed with a plastic gun peripheral, and this is the first problem with the game.  You would think that you would pull the trigger the same place as you would a gun right? Well, in this case, that's your reload. Your fire trigger is actually near the front of the gun. Awful design, and it makes for an even more uncomfortable experience. The game itself repeats after 2 levels. You'll be shooting the same 3 chicken models until the next to last level, when they throw in UFO chickens. The campaign consist of 8 different levels and 4 boss fights. The game took me 48 minutes to complete and my arms and hands were cramping part way through. A short and unenjoyable experience overall.

Bringing it here - Completed! Series

There is a series I started on my Facebook not long ago called "Completed!". Its a simple little series I started because I wanted a way to show dates and remember games I had beat (that don't have trophy's or achievements). Being an avid achievement hunter, I wanted a library to show what I had accomplished and when, so Completed! was created. The sites needs content and with no one else posting or working on anything, its all I got at the moment and im not sure if another Podcast is being done either, may have to go it alone on that one.