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Welcome to

Well it's official, were big timing now people. Within the next 24 hours this site will now be Big shout out to BobLaBlah for giving me the motivation to get the domain going. Looks like I'm here to stay for awhile (lucky you!!) So with that said, I need recommendations. What kind of content do you guys want to see? Any suggestions on layout of the site? Wanna just say goodbye or hello? Or just want to call me a shaq fu idiot? Comment below.

Uncharted 3 Beta Contest

You want in on the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, but don't have a access code? I got you covered. All you have to do is post up your psn user in the comments below and I'll select one user randomly and message it too you.  Contest ends tonight at 12:00 pm est. Good Luck!!!

Battlefield 3 Beta is live for everyone.

I looked for this last night, but couldn't find it on market. Guess I was a day too early. Hit up the link below for 360 beta. Beta is also now open for ps3 and pc. Click Here for 360


I know this sites been neglected, and since I don't think anyone reads this yet anyway, does it really matter? I've been trying to get some stuff in the mail so I can get some more original content up on the site, but so far I've just been waiting for them to come in.

Grab a piece of Portal cake for Free

A new initiative has been launched and learn with portals has been giving away Portal for free to Steam users. So if youve ever been intrigued as to what the Portal phenom is all about, or exactly why the cake is a lie? Nows your chance to find out.... For Free!!!!! Promotional Site: Link to Download:

Sorry for Lack of content

Sorry everyone, I havent forgotten about ya. Just been busy with school and all. Been kinda hard to keep up. Anyway, I just ordered a video capture card today, so ill have some vids on the site. Also ill be reviewing the majority of games I play from here on out, So deffinately stay tuned for that. Back to work. Drake Out

One week left till Gears 3.

I'm starting to get excited about gears. Only one week left till we get to fight the locust horde. Anyone else getting excited? I'm refusing to shave my beard until I complete the campaign.

Back from the weekend

I made basically no post this weekend. Sorry you all, I was trying to catch up on things around the house along with spending some time with family and friends. So now it's back to work and back to updates. Yay work weeks...

Join me in live streaming - COD XP

Watch live streaming video from callofdutyxp at Hopefully that works from mobile version.

Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer Teaser

Watch "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer" on YouTube Expect many more updates on multiplayer this weekend.