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XBOX One Backwards Compatibility Library Grows

Microsoft continues to show that they are completely behind their backwards compatibility program on the XB1. Today, Microsoft gave us some welcome backward compatible titles. Heavy hitter Halo: Reach finally becomes available, which is big news! Here the full list: Braid DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Doritos Crash Course  Fable 3 Halo Reach Hydro Thunder Iron Brigade Kane & Lynch 2 Motocross Madness MS. PAC-MAN Peggle Portal: Still Alive Spelunky Splosion Man Ticket to Ride Zuma's Revenge A few of these catch me off guard though. Who the hell requested Dorito's Crash Course or Kane & Lynch 2?

Turok Remaster's on the way

Night Dive Studio's recently released a few screen shots of their up and coming remaster of two N64 era classics,  Turok and Turok 2. After looking into Night Dive Studio's library,  it looks like remastering things are no stranger for them. No word on platform yet,  but check out the screen shots.  I noticed that the fog that was originally a huge part of the game,  has been cleaned up a lot.  So the game actually will have a draw distance now. But I have to wonder,  will that help a game like Turok?  I remember playing the original and the fog added to the suspense and fear (just like Silent Hill). Guess we will just wait and see.

A New Mini Hobby - Drones

Got a new mini hobby I picked up recently. I was loafing on the internet and went down a worm hole on YouTube. Drones. I had been interested in getting one for awhile, but never thought I could find an affordable one. But I did a few Reddit searched and found a great entry level drone at an affordable price. Enter the SYMA X5C-1. Can be acquired for around $40 shipped and exceeded all my expectations. If interested, feel free checkout my first video (stupid 4:3 encoding, grrrr) but anyway its pretty neat IMO. Also adding RAW Video from X5C-1 since the edited one doesnt do it justice.

Live Stream Giveaways - Coming Soon

Giveaways are always something we enjoy doing from time to time. So that feature will be making its way to my Twitch stream.  I have codes for a sundry amount of things. All of my current codes are for XB1/360 but ill be adding plenty more. Current codes are for such things such as Max COTB (for 360 and XB1) and AC Chronicles - China (XB1) Ill announce when it all starts here and via my Twitter: @iratedrake Soon.

Cleanup Inbound

I know its been awhile lol. That how all my post should start out. But I figured its time to clean up the site a bit. Also stream returns this weekend (Friday-Sunday) so join me there for that. What am I playing? not sure yet. Maybe something retro, mabe something last gen, maybe something current gen. Tune in to see.\Irate_Drake