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Have you got a Wii gathering dust? Hack it.

I got my Wii when they were extremely hard to find. I had to go clear to Michigan to get mine. It was ridiculous. Little did I know, I was buying a gimmick. After realization of what I had bought set in (a month later) my Wii went stagnant, then threw into a closet. I accrued a bunch of Wii games for cheap over the years, saying one day id pick it back up. Even going as far as to hook the thing back up. This past Christmas, My wife went above and beyond, buying me Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Collection, and a bunch of other Wii games. I was stoked, the moment to play had come. Well unfortunately, my 1st gen Wii had been built with a DVD drive that doesn't like Dual Layer Wii games. Once again the thing went unplayed. Fortunately, last week I picked up another Wii that was virtually unused for $20. While visiting EMT's house and talking about the Wii, he told me about soft modding. He had soft modded his kids Wii and just ripped the games from his dis

And this years Call of Duty is...

Set to release 11/4/14, The next Call of Duty will be... Because Modern Warfare just wasn't modern or new enough I guess. Here's the newly released trailer: After watching the trailer, it looks like Titanfall had a big part in them changing their approach. There is a power glove now that allows you to crawl up (run up?) walls, soldiers have small jet packs for large jumps, and there is even a mech suit by the looks of it that turns soldiers into minigun toting mechhumans. All of which scream Titanfall. But this is like Titanfall with Kevin Spacey. By the looks of it anyway.

/Play Report\ Battle: Los Angeles - 360

Uhh. This is one of those games that you go out and play just for gamer score, and to say "Hey, I finished Battle: Los Angeles". But that's nothing to really tout about, so I'm not sure if anyone would actually ever say that. Lets jump right in. Battle: Los Angeles is a Sci-Fi first person shooter based on the 2011 movie of the same name. It was developed by Saber interactive, who also gave us this the magnificent Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake. But this creation is no trophy by a long shot. Achievements- This is a very, very simple 200 gamer score. I finished it in under an hour and that's counting 3 playthroughs.  First start off and play on easy, and use the sniper rifle at all times (its a 1 hit kill on easy and normal usually). The only time you ll have to drop it is too pickup rockets for boss type battles, but don't worry it will show back up shortly in the level.  You can follow the guide on TA since it does a good job of detai

/Play Report\ Altered Beast - 360

Another day, another XBLA game. This time I dive into Altered Beast. Altered Beast is a 1988 beat em up arcade game, that was later ported to other consoles including it being packed into the Sega Genesis (Which was later replaced with Sonic). You play the role of a Roman centurion who had died in battle, that gets resurrected by Zeus and sent on a quest to save Zeus's daughter Athena from a demon god called Neff. At first your character looks like a normal human, but during the levels you encounter flashing orangish wolves, that when killed, contain power orbs that you can collect that transforms your character. The first 2 you collect just make your character stronger but the 3rd turn your character into a beast. Each level your character turn into a different beast. The game is relatively short, and contains only 5 levels. Achievements: I'm starting to get into a trend of playing easy arcade games and this one is no different. The first thing you want to do