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Pokemon GO - Beta Footage Leaked

The video above is our first look at Pokemon GO. GO is a free to play game set to hit later this year. It will support micro transactions and currently being field tested in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

If you ever wanted a Xbox One, the time is now!!! - Damn Good Deals

Maybe you haven't been completely sold on the Xbox One yet. The $300  price tag has been off putting or maybe you just werent sure if there was $300 of worth and use to be had from the console? Well now's the time to buy. Microsoft seems to be clearing up inventory for the system as of late, and is putting out some killer deals. The best one, I currently see is a certified refurbished (practically new) 500GB Xbox One console with the Kinect for $279. Oh whats that you say a measely $20 savings? Boom, it also comes with Halo 5 Limited Edition, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals packed in. Having them clear inventory shortly before E3 has me a little intrigued (hardware revision inbound?), regardless it's the perfect time to pick up this killer deal. Buy One Now!!!!!

King's Quest: Chapter 1 - Free on XB1 and 360

King's Quest: Chapter 1- A Knight to Remember is currently free for both Xbox 1 and 360. So grab both and stack some achievements. XB1: 360:

Next Call of Duty Possible Name Leak? - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It look's like someone at PSN may have flipped a switch a bit to early. The above screenshot comes to us from from the Playstation Store which received its weekly update today, and it looks like a banner page for 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare', which appears to the the title of this year's game developed by Infinity Ward. The listing has now been removed from the Trending Section. Unfortunately, the listing didnt provide us much more than a name/title, but I am picturing something like this:

Bluetooth hits the NES

The day is finally upon us. A Bluetooth receiver is now available for the NES. The Bluetooth-enabled adapter called the Retro Receiver has officially hit the market. The adapter was a joint creation by Analogue and 8Bitdo. The dongle allows you to play your old school Nintendo with any Bluetooth controller. That opens door to a PS3/PS4 controller, Wiimote and Wii U Pro and any arcade stick that is Bluetooth capable. The dongle can also be used as a Bluetooth input device on a PC or Mac with a Micro-USB output that connects to a USB port. Microsoft's Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, of course, are not compatible. I wonder what sort of input lag there is with this adapter. Especially with the input lag already present on modern TV's when using the NES.

The Division - Review in the works

The Division review is still in development. Once the latest update is reviewed (wanted to do update content as well) I should have the video up. No. I haven't abandoned TSG, just been ultra busy.