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Gears of War Remaster leakers get a ban

Remember that post I put up yesterday, with the footage of the new Gears of War Remake that leaked out. Those gentleman who let things leak are now the owners of a fresh new console ban. The testers, who agreed to Microsoft's confidentiality policy, were hit with the ban today, and can now only play their XBOX One consoles offline. Sucks for them, but nothing a new console and gamer tag cant fix.

Gears of War HD Screens Leaked

Footage from the long rumoured Gears of War HD release has finally seen the day of light. Game play videos were originally/accidentally posted on the XboxDVR website. The clips have since been removed, but you can watch the two clips below: Clip1 Clip2 More screens have also popped up on NeoGAF as well. After watching the videos, I'm left with one question, is this really necessary? I enjoyed all 3 gears games (not counting judgement) and played them on the 360 of course, and after watching the video's I don't see anything mind blowing that says "wow, what a difference." From an achievements stand point, its going to be another nightmare. 3 more chances to grind out Seriously, Seriously 2.0 and 3.0. No thanks. So what are your thoughts? Is a Gears of War HD release really necessary? or just another cash in?

Lack of a Destiny Update from Yesterday...

I didnt catch the Destiny Live Stream from yesterday, I was having dental work done. Thought maybe someone else would post about it... Heres what I found... So what did we miss?

ArtsCow Codes: Custom Thumbstick Gamer Items

I love ArtsCow when they have killer promotions. I have designed and bought watches, mousepads and even a deck of playing cards. Anything as long as its cheap. Good news is they currently (as of 5/5/15) have some awesome coupons for some custom gear. Custom Mousepad: .99 cents + free shipping -  Z099MOUSEPAD4REFK Custom Tank-Top (Ladies): .99 cents + free shipping - Z099TANKTOP36CX2 Custom Watch - $3.99 + free shipping - Z399WATCHES2DNWY I took advantage of all three, picked up Amanda a shirt to wear around the house and myself and mousepad and 2 watches ($10 shipped). Here some Thumbstick Gamer Logo's to use in your alls creations if interested. Show us what you got in the comments below. Enjoy.

Contest Over: Winners Notified

I've been extremely busy here lately, so I just got around to shelling out the codes to the random winners. Sorry for the delay everyone. After reading the comments, you all sounds extremely excited and hopeful for a Fallout 4 announcement. That surprised me honestly. I guess the bad taste left from Fallout: New Vegas has finally passed. Glad to see that...