Osama has been killed, and my quest for free stuff.

Well, when we got home from Lexington (after a day of shopping with my wife), I get a text message from my buddy Eric, saying Osama has been killed.  While excited because justice has been served, I cant help but wonder what terrible things will happen in the coming weeks (or months) due to this news. Hopefully people will just say "hey you know what, maybe killing innocent people isnt the right way of doing things" then the democracy switch will turn on for the middle east and all will be free and loving. But I don't see this as a realistic scenario.

In other news, I once had a blog here some time ago, chronicling how to require free stuff. Well the itch has kicked back in, so im out to get free stuff. Mainly for gaming purpose (read the blog site title, Jeez).

Anyway id first like to extend my hand to the superpoints network.  I have been using this site for years, and have acquired $100 - $200 in gift certificates for amazon.com.

It's neat cause you get points for doing things you do on the net anyway.  All you have to do is search, browse, heck have a ball with it.

Best part is the more people who sign up the more people we have in our network. So tell your friends. Like it use to be... Links Below.



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