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XBOX 360 Owners, Remember to grab your free XBOX One games.

Hey XBL Gold members, This month Microsoft started giving away XBOX One games to Gold members. Dont have a XB1 yet? Maybe one day you will? Hate missing out on free games. Well go ahead and add them to your profile, so that when you do get a XB1, just download. Its super simple, just sign into, then find the freebies on XB1 for the month and buy (which will be free) and your done. So whenever you do get a XB1, youll have a digital library waiting for you. This month you get Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: Curse of the Brotherhood.

/Play Report\ Virtua Fighter 5 - Final Showdown

I've been MIA for a little while, life things. I played this game some time ago, I read on TA that it was easy, and it was from what I remember. I made some notes in my Report notebook, so here goes. I played the game on very easy, also while in the options I raised my player HP and lowered the CPU's, just to handicap it more. Arcade Mode Then went into Arcade mode. The easiest character for me to use was Kage, I won all my matches just taping A or Y repeatedly. Also to pickup the Ring out achievement Level 3 is the easiest. Score Attack Next came score attack. For score attack I chose Lion because his 5 hit combo was the easiest for me to do. His combo attack is ->,->,y,y,y,y,b. License Challenges I again went back to using Kage on these challenges which was a breeze till I hit the 9th challenge, I then switched to Taka-Arashi. Also used Taka for the 10th and Final challenge. Wrap Up I'm usually not a big fighting game fan but I did find this ent