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Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious - For Free!!!

Forza Horizon 2 just unleashed, Fast and Furious, a standalone game (you dont need a copy of Forza Horizon 2 to play) and best part is, its absolutely free. Out for XBOX ONE:   And XBOX 360: Happy Weekend Racing!

Make It Rain App - My Latest Guilty Pleasure

Make It Rain has been out for some time on iOS and Android devices, but recently just hit the Windows Phone platform. It brought with it a fresh achievement list that is for game like this is both fun and addicting. For those who have never played the game, the premise is simple.make money, and spend money, lots and lots of money. To control the game you rapidly swipe your hand (or finger) over the stack of money to throw it around and add it to your amount of money. Where's the fun in that you may ask? Its hard to explain, but its addicting. Plus you can use your cash to buy upgrades that accrue money faster and increases the size of your stack. Ive been so addicted to the game that I set in bed at night before bed, and just toss bills. The achievement list, as I mentioned earlier, really adds to the replay value. Now excuse me, while I go throw this cash and wish that the amount of money I'm accruing per second was real.

DIY: Effective Loose GameBoy Cartridge Storage

Are you like me and have a lot of loose GameBoy, GBC, and GBA games? Need a cheap, but effective storage method? Check it!

Nintendo is going Mobile

It looks like Nintendo has became the number two shareholder for DeNA, one of the major Japanese mobile powerhouses. After many years of investors asking for Nintendo to go mobile, looks like they have officially gotten their wish. This will undoubtedly make lots of money for Nintendo and its investors. Who doesn't want a mobile Mario or Zelda Game? But, and this is a huge but, will it compromise the quality of Nintendo titles? Through the years, one of gamer's assurances have always been Nintendo published titles have always been great. But in a mobile marketplace full of micro-transactions, will Nintendo follow the same scheme with its titles?  Also is a new console on the horizon? A mobile version of Pokemon does sound promising though. Sound off....

Titanfall DLC - Currently free for 360 and XBOX One

Stand by for Titanfall... 210px; width: 560px;" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> All DLC packs for Titanfall are currently free (for gold members) on both 360 and XBOX One. If Titanfall has been setting on your game shelf for the last little bit and you were looking for a reason to jump back in (or at least play something different) heres your reason. Feel free to discuss here:

PAX East - Day 2: That's a wrap.

Day 2 of PAX East has came to an end. Met some pretty awesome people, got to see some awesome things coming from the indie front, and had a very awkward but hilarious shuttle ride back to the hotel. Great memories.

PAX East - Day 2

Legs still achy and back still sore from day 1. Time to resume the line waiting.

Getting Ready for PAX East

Irate Drake and myself are about to leave for Boston to join the excitement that is PAX East.  After doing some reading on what to expect at PAX it has helped me in what to pack at the convention.  I'm going to bring a book bag so I can hopefully fill it full of swag that is handed out over the duration of the con.  Hopefully might get some stuff to give away on this site. I am a little worried of the weather situation not only in Boston but also where we are leaving from.  There are chances of snow pretty much our whole route but I don't think it is something that will impede our arrival. With the guidebook app and printable items I have hopefully we won't get lost and get to enjoy as much of it as we can.  Ill be sure to take some pics and video while we are there to post on site. Here's to swag, good times, and a safe trip.