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Xbox Live Web Beta

Xbox Live launched  Beta web based games today.  With the launch came 5 games. Plants vs Zombies - $9.99 Bejeweled 3 - $19.99 Zuma's Revenge - $19.99 Text Twist 2 - $9.99 Wordament is Free of Course

TSG Giveaway - 50+ Games of Halo 4 Double XP

Today is the last day of the Halo 4 DewXP event and I have a butt ton of codes and double xp that I wont ever use. So im giving 50+ matches away to one of you lucky readers. To Enter: Just put your gamertag in comments below and I will select one commenter at random and gift the matches to you. Thanks again everyone. Edit--- Just found out winners must have a dewxp account and Facebook account linked together. You must also be on my friends list on Facebook. So anyone who still wants in you can look me up on Facebook (Shaune Drake) and my other friend who has 50+ matches also (Eric Peterson) we are in KY. Put your gamertag in request line so we will only add the two winners. Sorry for confusion everyone, I thought this worked like MW3 did. Sorry... :'(

2013 Calendars - $2.44 @ Walmart

So your probably thinking to yourself, this isnt Slick Deals, so why is there a post about calendars on here? Because they have video game calendars you silly's. While shopping for groceries last night with my wife, we were headed towards the checkout and I saw a calendars display standed near the front. The first thing that caught my eye was the 50% off sign, the I picked up a Outhouse calendar for a laugh. So i browsed around and found a 2013 Halo calendar. Quickly I snatched it (there were plenty, just got excited) and continued browsing around and found some Angry Birds ones among other car,swimsuits, and scenic ones also. They are marked $4.88 but because of 50% off, $2.44 is final price. I wanted one of these Halo calendars for Christmas, but they cost $15-$16 at my local mall. Finally my office desk can sport some Halo love.

Weekend Refresh - 1/19/13 - 1/20/13

My weekend gaming has allot in common with a blank chalk board. I got to play Angry Birds Space and that was it. I did get some things moved back to our house and watched a whole lot of Hulu Plus. Anyone have a weekend as weak as mine?

Best Buy DOTD - uDraw Tablet for $7.99 FS

This could be Best Buys last ditch effort to rid themselves of these things. But today they have the uDraw Tablet package (tablet and game) on sale for $7.99 + Free Shipping for 360 and PS3. For anyone into achievements or trophies, you can get an easy 1000gs/platinum here and if you buy the only other 2 games, which can be found for $10 or less at various places now, you'll add 2 more completions to your tags. The PS3 version also has a hack out for PC where you can use it with a Windows PC. I'm contemplating picking one up just for that reason. at $8, its hard to go wrong really.

Restroom Game of the Week - Pac-Man CE DX (WP)

We've all done it. Your just sitting there doing the do. Pulled out your phone and stated to game. If your a Gamer score whore like me, might as well grab some achievements while your at it. This weeks choice is Pac-Man CE DX for windows phone. Achievements are super simple and the game is allot of fun. Just play tutorial to get controls and get to it. Game can easily be completed in 2-4 restroom breaks.

Not Having Internet Blows

Talk about things you don't notice being gone till they aren't available. Like i said in my weekend refresh, my wife and i are transitioning back to our house, and there is no Internet there. I also only have one 360 setup  in bedroom for watching DVDs on and stuff since we don't have dish or cable either. So last night after getting baby to bed, I thought about popping Alpha Protocol back in for a 5th play through but just decided to eat some peanut butter crackers, watch a few King of the Hill episodes, and hit the hay. Hurry up Windstream!!!

Weekend Refresh - 1/12/12 - 1/13/12

Another slow weekend. The wife and I are in the middle of transitioning back to our house so that's been my main focus. I did manage to play a little bit though. Its started out with Doritos Crash Course. I played it throughout the week to try to finish all gold before buying dlc, because dlc glitches achievement if you download it before you complete this achievement. I finally completed it and bought the DLC for another easy 100 GS, to give me a total of 300/300 on that game. I then banged out some more Kinectimals on my phone. My wife thinks I'm obsessed with this game, but im really just grinding out till level 20 so i can be done with this game. Sunday, Peterson and I had 3 Achievement Hounds Halo 4 Tourney matches. Our first match was insta-win because team never showed up. Game 2 we were dominated by Report Fast (while the Flaming Chode hid from us). The guys a beast at Halo 4, plus Peterson having an off game didn't really help us, but hey you cant win the

Free Stuff Friday - Whoops!!!

I completely forgot about giveaway last week. So to make up for it ill post up a couple avatar foam finger codes on here tonight around 9 PM EST.

Modern Combat 3 - Dead for Nexus Users

Listen up all my fellow Nexus 7 users. If you have bought and installed Modern Combat 3 on your device, it no longer works on your device. It looks like Gameloft released an update yesterday (at least thats when I got it) that causes the game to force close before title screen. I uninstalled and went back to Play store, and the application was no where to be found. So i went to Play store site and its not compatible with the Nexus 7 now. Ive reached out to Gameloft about this issue and will update once I get a response. Fingers crossed they actually fix this issue. Nothing I hate more than having a game I bought and paid for that I can no longer play. Update- 3:07 after MANY EMAILS AND A FEW DAYS, IT LOOKS LIKE GAMELOFT HAS RELEASED ANOTHER UPDATE. STILL NO INFO PROVIDED TO ME PERSONALLY THOUGH. DOWNLOADING UPDATE NOW ON NEXUS 7... WILL PROVIDE FURTHER INFO.

Upcoming Game Releases

Got some new game releases coming up next week. With alot to come for 2013, what games do you all look forward to play this year? Here is your release list for January 15, 2013.... Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - (PSP)  Adventure Game  Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)  Shooter Style Game  Devil May Cry (Xbox 360,PS3)  Action Game Also notabley mentioned Borderlands 2: Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC (Xbox 360,

Best Buy - Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Preowned/Refurbed Games

Slow day for news, and my minds having a hard time putting anything together to put here so This will have to do for now. Blame EMT... Best Buy is having a buy 2 get one free on all pre-owned and refurbished games. I picked up a couple garbage titles and grabbed Beowulf again cause I love that game for some reason. Most 360, Wii, and PS3 titles start out at $4.99 and all have free shipping. Not to bad for all those people with BB gift cards from Christmas and are miles away from the nearest one. Now Gamestop needs a Buy 2 get 1 on 360 games, so i have a reason to actually visit that place, and spend my Christmas gift card there also.

Weekend Refresh - 1/5/12-1/6/12

Weekend refresh is something new I started that just covers my gaming from the weekend. For those interested in what I've been playing. figured its a good Monday post to get me started. On to business. This was a slow weekend in gaming for me, a lot of  personal things to get done. So I started off with some AlphaJax. I was sitting at a rating of 1485. Only 25 points a way from the hardest achievement for the game. So I start going through games I've started with people and they have just set for longer than a week, and forced their defeat. EMT 969 and SSG HEADCASE also resigned a few games they had started with me and it pushed me up to 1535, then played a game with EMT and it unlocked. I then moved on to Kinectimals (WP8), this has been my toilet title for the last couple weeks, and it seems like I'm just grinding at the moment to finish it. I got the 25 Gold Medals achievement, then let my wife play, (she loves this game), and that was it for that. Saturday and Sunday

Free Elder Scrolls

This is for you PC gamers out there. Bethesda is giving away the Elder Scrolls 1 and 2 for free. All you have to do is go to the following links: Arena (Elder Scrolls 1): Daggerfall (Elder Scrolls 2): Download and install. The games look dated from the pictures I'm looking at, but for anyone looking to play them or interested on how the story began, here you go. Enjoy all.

Free Stuff Friday - The Matrix Blu-Ray

Since I'm keeping up with my new years resolution of at least one post a day, I figured free stuff Friday is pretty simple, and I know how much you all love free stuff. For the return of FSF here at TSG, after its long ago abandonment, Today I will be giving away a copy of The Matrix on Blu-Ray. I bought 1 too many copies of this movie on black friday, so this one is for one of you lucky readers out there. To enter: 1. Just leave a comment below with your least favorite Matrix movie or game and why, along with your XBOX gamer tag, PSN ID, email address, something I can use to reach you if you win. If you do not care, browse the site a bit and tell me things I need to address or things you all would like to see here. Winner will be picked at random and giveaway ends at midnight tonight (eastern standard time) Thanks again for visiting Thumbstick Gamer, and good luck.

Thumbstick Reader: Beginning Frozen Pirate

I finally have another tablet, so I'm bringing back this segment of the site. The next book on our list will be Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell. Ive gotten through a couple chapters of the book already and its extremely detailed and has so far dragged me into the story. Ive found no racism yet, unlike the last book I started with, so hopefully all goes well and we get a good free read. For anyone new to this segment, Thumbstick Reader is like a book club. Some of us still like to read when were not gaming, so i created this segment to discover stories and tales long lost with time, and maybe find a new classic they can cherish. So far, I've been suggesting the book of the month (or longer depends on how long it takes to finish) which are always free e-books from, which can be downloaded and read on any smart phone/tablet/kindle/computer out there. Unfortunately (as I discovered in the last scrapped book) because these books are older, some are writte

Achievement Hounds - A Podcast You Should Be Listening Too

Id like to turn the attention to another group of great gamers, The Achievement Hounds. The Achievement Hounds Podcast is a podcast all about gamer score. These guys live and breathe achievements. Their show consist of 4 segments. In the first segment each hound details what game they have been playing for the week, and even provide insight and tips they have found during their play time. The next segment is new releases. Here you will get the low down on what to expect from the new releases from an achievement standpoint, and achievement list are scoured over to find that latest easy 1000 Gamer score game. This is followed up by a game of the week, at which point the hounds dive deep into strategy to help you get all those achievements for their pick of the week. Very informative and helpful when trying to find the easy way to do things allot of times. Next its on to tournament/community.leader board in which you will find tournament updates, member shout outs, questions from the

Happy New Year Thumbers!!!

Its a new year everyone. Anyone broke their resolutions yet? Personally, I never really set a goal for the year, I dont like setting myself up for failure. My goals for the site on the other hand, are rather lofty and rather exaggerate. I have alot I want to get going here and theres alot going on behind the scenes to add value and fun to the site. First off, EMT 969 and myself will be entering a GamerScore Challenge/Contest near March, along with two of our other friends SSG HEADCASE (Eric) and alkaline eel (Justin). We havent came up with a team name yet, since theres still plenty of time, but we will probably be covering that from time to time on here im sure. Secondly, Im looking at diving into a podcast. Ive never done one nor do I know much about how to do one, but the whole process and outcome has me intrigued. We are constantly talking games, so i figured why not share our thought and opinions with all of you all out there. May come to fruition, may not, only the fu