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Gigantic - Coming to Microsoft's Game Preview - 12/8

Gigantic is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) third person shooter.  We saw it in its infancy at Pax East 2015, and it was definitely interesting.  Free to Preview on XBOX One and PC (Cross Platform!) so check it out. May just be for you.

Oblivion goes BC on XBOX One

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. A great chance for someone like myself to pick this up, and discover this supposed masterpiece. The Backwards Compatible library on Xbox One continues to impress!!!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Backwards Compatible on XBOX One?

If the above image is any sort of indicator, it looks like Modern Warfare 3 may soon become backwards compatible with XBOX One. Will keep you all updated. ***Update 1*** - Major Nelson is stating this is a glitch. Guess we shall see...

Overwatch: Free to Play this weekend

Maybe you're a lot like myself, heard a lot about Overwatch but never understood the hype. The weekend is for us. Overwatch will be free to play this weekend (starts today 11AM PST) on XB1,PS4 and PC. Good chance to test the hype.

Free Lost Odyssey?

So this is an awkward one. Supposedly, if you download this free avatar shirt, Lost Odyssey will show up in your Backward Compatible 360 games on XB1. I've downloaded it, but haven't been able to confirm yet. Link: ****UPDATE**** This was a leaked test from the XBOX Live team. Offer is no longer valid and downloaded game is no longer playable. - Major Nelson confirmed.

Some Black Friday Deals Now Live on XBOX for Gold Members

A bunch of games are now on sale on XBOX for gold members as part of their pre black Friday sale.  Remember you have to be gold member to get these deals right now!  Major Nelson posted about this on his blog but here is an amazing breakdown of the deals from a CAG member.  I take no credit for this list.  Anybody picking anything up? >>>>>>>>>> XBOX Deals <<<<<<<<<<

Updating Things. Holiday Prep.

If you are seeing this on any of our social media platforms, then you are seeing the fruits of my labor. I am retooling things, making things crossover more seemlessly between platforms. Busy work.

Black Friday Gearing Up

Black Friday (Black Thursday) is only a week away and people are starting to gear up. Plenty of great gaming deals out there including multiple PS4/XB1 bundles for $250, a $99 3DS and multiple cheap game titles. What are you all aiming for?

Cheap Digital 360 Games from Amazon

Wanted to highlight a few solid deals from currently available. Highest title here is Hitman HD Pack $6.24, but two full HD remakes for $6.24 is a steal. Just Cause 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and SSX are all backwards compatible on XBOX One, so you can enjoy it with a faster processor and system. Good times!