Live Family Pack: Saving and your friends cash.

I recently ran into an issue with xbox live. My wife recently subscribed to Netflix, so she has naturally been burning up bandwidth watching episodes of my pregnant teen, and wives of the army (or whatever show she feels like watching). She had a gamertag and I figured I would just tie it to her account. I was then given a big no-no from Microsoft. For some reason (which makes no sense to me) you have to be a Gold Member to stream Netflix. So not only are you paying $10 a month for Netflix, but you are also having to pay $60 a year for Gold to use the feature.

So in the face of adversity, I tied it to my Gold Account.

Big mistake.

I soon discovered that I was unable to do anything while she was watching her shows. No offline play, no gathering achievements, no online in another room, nothing. At first I thought “ok, ill deal with this until I get the money for her gold account.” But was soon told that I didn’t need to pay $120 a year and that was too much for Xbox live.

Saturday comes and my buddy, Eric and his wife swings by. Call of Duty starts calling our names and we have no way of playing. So we start trying to find ways around it. Conclusion: Nada. He then says “well my live runs out next month.” Then on my screen I see it. The Gold Family Pack. Tweaking my interest I check into it, sounds like a solid deal. $99.99 a year for 4 Gamertags. $25 a piece. So I propose the offer to my loving wife and get the “Go ahead.”

So now Amanda and I are both gold, bringing a resolution to my netflix nightmares, and Eric and his wife are now gold. A couple things I noticed with this package, we can gift points. So lets say Eric wants the newest COD Map pack for 1600 msp (or something outrages like that) and he is only 20 points shy. Instead of buying a whole new points card for just 20 points. I can send him 20 of mine. Pretty sweet deal.

So if your looking for a cheaper way to pay for Live. Find 4 good friends that are trustworthy and pitch in all together and get the Family pack. Well worth it.


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