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Halo 5, Forza 6 and Rise of Tomb Raider - $40 Digital Codes

Browsing Amazon today at lunch and stumbled upon a couple deal's I thought I'd share. Halo 5 Guardians, Forza 6 and Rise of Tomb Raider are $40 a pop. Digital codes of course get instant delivered. Click the Linkage below to get yours!  A killer deal for anyone splitting content cost with friends...

Cubot- The Cheapest and Easiest 1000 Gamerscore yet!

I really do hope Cubot is a starting trend. A trend of easy completion games at a $2 price. I picked up Cubot from the Games Market on XB1 Friday evening. Not because I knew how easy it was going to be, but because its price tag of $1.99. I have a rule, any game $5 or less, I buy. My thought is I can have at least $5 worth of fun with any game, so why not. Saturday evening, after the stream went off-line, I was browsing TA and saw a bunch of people on my feed completing the game. I then saw a conversation that the game took only 30 min to 1 hour to complete. That was it, I was sold. So Sunday morning the stream was started and Cubot was loaded. Streamed the entire game right down to completion. Clock time for stream? 1 hour and 7 minutes. I had a couple issues following instructions a few times (just because of the sheer moves some levels take) but all in all a quick, fun and extremely cheap 1000 gamerscore. Definitely buy this one!!! Replay of the stream here:

It's almost the weekend, what to play?

The weekend is here, and I have no idea what to play this weekend. Thats the problem with being a gamer with no time to play. My backlog is more of a backlibrary at this point and I have no idea where to start. Retro? Achievement Hunting? Tomb Raider? Zero ideas....

A Boy and his Blob Reprise coming to Current Gen. Consoles

A Boy and his Blob started life on the NES and was pretty successful. The game was reprised/remade for the Wii, many years later, and is now headed to XB1 and PS4. Never playing the game myself (because its not a part of my backlog yet) I can say its peaked my interest a few times when browsing the Wii's library. Its got a cute simple art style to it and I'm a sucker for platformer's. Grab it January 20th for the XB1, PS4, PC and Vita.

New Video Capture Device Inbound

So as you all know, I have been using the El Gato Game Capture HD (Original HDMI device) and its been causing me some issues. I have been using it to stream, and thought everything looked perfect, until I watched a replay. The sheer amount of stuttering and jukiness sickened me. It was honestly the worst framerate I have ever seen, so I can now say that the El Gato, while great at recording clips and etc, is not made for streaming. At least not while using OBS anyway. So, the new HD capture device is at the house, but it doesn't have HDMI out, so I am waiting for my powered HDMI splitter to come in, so it can be fully tested.