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Random Code Giveaway - Just Follow.

I do giveaway's randomly from time to time, whenever I get tired of my flash drive being full of TXT documents mostly. And because of that, at this moment, Im randomly posting codes to my Twitter, for all followers to see and enjoy. Whats the catch? nothing. Just follow me and stay tuned. @IrateDrake

Free Exo-Skeleton for your XBOX Avatar

Hey peeps. Came across this while traversing the nets. You can grab a free Exo-Skeleton for your Xbox Avatar. The Exo-Skin is just an outfit, so it wont have your little buddy flying up and around or shooting other avatars in the face (unfortunately). Get Yours Here

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Free Upgrade not working (360/XB1)

Remember that awesome deal I touted some time ago,  The one where you buy Advanced Warfare digitally on 360 and get the XBOX One digital version free? Yeah, its not working.  I purposely bought the 360 digital relase just so I could get both on my Microsoft consoles for $60. Going to the XBOX One store, I am presented with three different versions of Advanced Warfare. One being $59.99, another $99.99 and another as unavailable.  Nothing free. Reaching out to XBOX support for some answers . Will keep you all updated.  Update #1 - After reaching out to @XBOXSUPPORT twice, I am still being ignored. Worse part is it looks like I am not alone and there areothers not getting their free upgrade. Update #2 - Twitter User @jenapher6, has been keeping me updated on her quest as well. She actually received a response from Activision support, which is pretty canned and says that they are aware of situation and working on it. At least its a reply. Still waiting....