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Reach Banshee Avatar Contest

Well, some of you have been waiting for this... mostly because ive been lazy. Anyway here it is. Rules: 1. Solve the cryptogram. 2. Post a reply with the encrypted phrase in it, along with you gamertag. I will send the code to your message box on live. First one to post up correct phrase wins. Now on to the puzzle.

Pokemon characters are at McDonalds

Being a video game collector, I pretty much will take anything that says video games. So after a lackluster day yard selling on saturday, I swung by mcds. Trying to decide between a number 1 and a number 3 (neither good for me), I spotted a pokemon sign. They are giving away the characters with a happy meal purchase. Not having a happy meal since Amanda and my first date, I figured what the heck. So I captured pikachu in my happy sack, and even though the feeling of buying a kids meal when I was clearly the one consuming it felt, well, weird. I still got something gaming related. At least the drive thru attendant didn't say "Heres your happy meal, big boy". Heres mine taking space on my desk.

A lack of news.

Sorry folks. Works been a little busy lately. Coming up though in the next few days I will be giving away a code for the halo reach banshee avatar item. Plus whatever else I can find lol.

Free Halo: Reach All Star Nameplates Giveaway

After signing up for the Reach armor I posted about earlier. I noticed I can Gift the nameplates for to 7 people without an apple product. I have 6 I can give away. (already used one) So I decided to give em away to the visitors here. Rules: You must post your XBOX Live Gamertag Reply to this post with your GT and favorite game over the past few years. Contest runs until 6/15/2011 @ 5:30pm EST. Winners will be picked at random using a random number website.

Free Exclusive Halo Reach Armor (for iOS Users)

Have an Ipad,Iphone or Ipod? Love Halo Reach? Love getting free stuff? I thought so. Today Bungie released the Bungie app. on the Apple app store. I havent really played with the ap muc yet (I have a droid phone) but it looks like a place to manage your halo stats, along with picking up some Bungie swag. Like for today, they are giving away the Blue Flame helmet and a unique Nameplate for your spartan on Halo Reach from now until July 7. (7 7 get it?) Heres the directions for getting it: First download the app. you can browse the store or use this link: Link Here Upon opening the app. at the bottom you will see: Love Bungie. Go there... I forgot to take pics. of process but you will see 2 options: Blue flame and nameplate. Go into Blue flame and enable. Now when I got onto Reach I had a new armor message pop up. I then went into armory and into armor effects. Enable it and your done. This is what it looks like on my spartan.

Free Xbox Premium Theme: Homefront

Seems like the homefront group finally made good on their promise for a free premium theme. Too bad the dev studio was shut down today. You can grab the theme here: I haven't seen the theme myself. But again, free is free.

More free stuff on the way.

I got two more items I will be giving away today. Just trying to figure out a fun way to do so. So stay tuned readers.

Free Avatar Prop: Windows 7 Phone

Now you can call your avatar buddies with a free windows 7 phone. Under spotlight there is a program called Windows 7 - Your avatar is our guest. now the video will start and your avatar will interact (its pretty neat) You can now browse the feature of the phone or just move your avatar finger to "Keep the phone!" -Laura Now just move finger up to where it says tap here press a and download. Heres an example of my avatar with the phone, its nothing that special but hey its free.

WiiU For U?

Today Nintendo announced its new console, the WiiU. My opinion, Im not impressed. I was unfortunate enough to buy into the Wii hype,even went as far a touting it “better than the xbox 360.” I still hang my head from that comment. Regardless though, my Wii has been gathering dust for the past 2 years, Why? For one there is a lack of good games. The majority of wii games are shovelware or minigames, and lacking in substance. After viewing the release video of WiiU, I cant help but not get excited. I’ve been here before. The Wii was shown and I thought “hell yeah, this is going to be awesome!!!” Only to be disappointed. The WiiU looks cool enough but does it really offer anything new? Aside from the WiiU Controller being (looking I should say) awkwardly huge. Im not seeing it really offer anything yet, in the form of revolution, to gaming. From what I’m seeing is a Wii that “may” be able to compete with current gen. systems. The WiiU offers 1080p,motion sensor controller, video chat, on

Realizing the truth and vacation

Well we are only about a month out from our vacation, and im starting to realize 2 things. 1. Im super ready for vacation. 2. I set an unrealistic goal. A few weeks ago, I said I wanted to hit 250's before the cruise. Only thing is my body said no. It seems to be comfortable in the 280-279 range because it hasnt moved at all. Its true that I havent counting calories near as close as I was, nor have I been really watching how much I am eating.  So really its my own fault. But after the wife told me this morning "you have kinda gave up" that I realized I had. Heres hoping I can hit 260's before july. Now that I am back on track.

Here's looking at you kid...

Spotted in my cup holder during lunch.