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Creepypastas - My personal thoughts.

Creepypastas for those who dont know, are short horror stories that are shared across the internet. Creepypastas can be based on pretty much anything, but usually revolve around media devices such as cartoons and video games. I have read and followed some really well done like Ben Drowned and Pokemon Lost Silver, both of which are magnificent. But lately, all of the creepypastas I have heard have been nothing more than awful, awful fan fictions trying to gain popularity on what other have done. One of the latest I heard was based on Ocarina of Time. The story told of how the user/story teller had a weird fascination with the Zelda character AI from Ocarina of Time. The story is muddled, all over the place, and well, honestly, the worst thing I have ever heard.  The story has zero flow and makes zero sense. I cant put into detail how awful it is. Creepypasta writers, I have one thing to say to you. Be original. We have had our creepy stories for Pokemon and Zelda. Anything

PAX East - Only a week away....

PAX East is only a week away (a little over a week but who's counting) and the excitement and butterflies are starting to set in. I've never been to PAX, heck, I've never been to a convention of any type. So expectations are high and still up in the air on exactly what to expect. I'm stressing out a little even, its my first time in Boston as well. Once in a lifetime trip and the first of its kind. Turn on the excite.

Podcast Thoughts - Should it be brought back?

Had a quick discussion the other day that really had me thinking about the podcast. When I look back on it, it really makes me sad, how little effort we put into it. We got three episodes in, were getting positive reviews, then nothing. The lights were turned off and the Skype calls ended. All because dates didn't match up and we were having a hard time getting all three of us together at the same time. But we kept getting asked about the show. In conversations online with other gamers, and people who would occasionally run across the show, when and if it will ever make a return. So is it time to bring the Podcast back? Sound off.

Ultimate Game Sale - Xbox Live

Gold members are being treated this week, with some killer deals, and some awesome reasons to add even more games to their growing backlogs (at least myself anyway). There are some pretty good deals on the list. I personally picked up: Costume Quest 2 (XB1), Lords of the Fallen (XB1), Styx: Master of Shadows (XB1), Just Cause 2 (360), Soul Calibur V (360), Sniper Elite 3 (360) and Metro 2033 (360) Get out there and open those wallets. Note, Xbox Live Gold Membership is required, must be logged into your account. XBOX ONE Notable Deals: Alien Isolation    $24 Alien Isolation Season Pass   $12 Halo MCC Bundle   $24 Walking Dead: Season 1 & 2 Bundle   $20 Fantasia: Music Evolved   $20 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor  $30 Lara Croft Temple of Osiris & Season Pass   $11.60 Telltale Games Collection   $55 Trials Fusion   $8 Trials Fusion Season Pass   $6.66 Angry Birds Star Wars   $10 Costume Quest 2   $5 Kinect Sports Rivals   $10

Join Our Forums

I know its been mentioned before, but join our forums. Not much going on there as of late, but now's the time to make the community yours. I frequent there a lot and always have things to chat about. Clicky Here