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Gamerscore Rewards Inbound via Xbox LIVE Rewards

We heard a few months ago that Xbox LIVE Rewards program were pondering/teased the concept of giving rewards out based on achievements. Looks like they went another way with it though and have decided to deal out rewards based on Gamer Score. Since it is now fall, Microsoft has decided to reveal its new way of earning through its reward program. If you checkout the Xbox LIVE Rewards site now, there is a new section called "My Achievements". There you can view what rewards you will receive based on your GS. The first level of the tier is the Contender level, Which requires you to have 3000G or higher, you will be able to obtain a "Special Gift" during your birth month. A footnote on the site values this gift at an ungodly 25 cents. The second level is the Champion level. Requiring members to achieve a coveted gamerscore of 10,000GS, you will not only be rewards with a 25 cents gift on the month of your BDay, but also receive a whopping 1% rebate on your XB

Armor Lock is Gone!!!!!!!!

Excuse me for a moment here while I vent my extreme pleasure with 343 Industries and their choice to remove Armor Lock from Halo 4. I just finished up listening to 343 Sparkast episode 016, where I heard the spectacular news that the team had decided to remove Armor Lock from the game. I applaud the team for this. In my honest opinion Armor Lock is not only one of the worst things to hit any multiplayer game since the Noob tubes were introduced in COD. The typical player, I found, who whole heartily used armor lock in reach were noobs. I once encountered a whole team of armor lock users and talk about a aggravating experience. It was a saving grace to those players who weren't quite up to par with everyone else, and felt to me like "Well, we are aware that you suck, so use Armor Lock all the time, so that way when your getting your ass handed to you, use it and hopefully one of your teammates will help you out." I rarely saw anyone use it in any other fashion.

Thumbstick Reader Update: Latest Book Scrapped

So Ive found problems trying to find rare gems from books published in a different era of time, sometimes you lose. Last time I stated that I would be starting Five Thousand Miles Underground by Roy Rockwood. Well I tried and tried and tried, but I cant go any further into this book. / Start Rant First of all, wow, racist much. I couldn't hardly understand a word Washington was trying to say, I thought it was some kind of ebook  translation error that happened then a few more sentences and still I pondered what was up. Then I found out that Washington was an African-American. So things were misspelled and missplaced on purpose to render his inability with words. Granted this was written in 1908, its just amazing how racist it is. I had a hard time gripping with this. Finally I did and tried to move on. Then it got worse. When I chose this book, I had no idea it was part of a trilogy and this was the third book. It would have been great if it would have stated that some

New Logo Finally!!!

So if you have visited the site recently, you might have already noticed, we have an official logo!!! This one wasn't created by Tullar ( the man got busy, I completely understand, thanks for helping us anyway man, I appreciate it all) so I jumped on Fiverr from the recommendation of my boss, and gave a high rated user a chance. I figured for five bucks I can't go wrong. What I got was supreme awesomeness, especially for the price. I'm extremely happy. What do you guys think? Good or bad post it up in comments below

Need a New Watch? Make it Awesome!!!

Very rarely do things about fashion come along and make me want to scream with joy. But this is one of those times. Over on CAG a thread popped up about how to make 007 Wristwatch for $7 shipped. Intrigued I opened it and what I found inside was a world of sheer awesomeness. It looks like this popped up on Reddit about a month ago, but not being a Reddit follower, I missed it. You can get a decent Goldeneye 007 (N64) Wristwatch replica from the folks over at for $7 shipped. Several People on Reddit have reported getting the watch and were very pleased. Thanks goes out to Nephilim (User at Cheap Ass Gamer) for Original Write-up im just copying and pasting here The whole process took about 5 minutes to order and heres a how to. 1) Go here and grab the image you will need for the watch face 2) Go to and sign up for a new account. By signing up for a new account, you get a bunch of free stuff including the watch (shipping is the $7) 3) Go to the