No Blood Code

So the wife decided today, while being bored, that she wanted to play snes. She hasnt quiet advanced to the modern consoles yet, she enjoys simplicity.

So I suggested donkey kong country. I have yet to beat it. But instead she chose mortal kombat (the original) for snes.

Growing up with mk on the genesis. First thing I asked was "Do you know the blood code?". She said no, didn't even know of such a thing. So I pulled up the old inet.

I then learned that sega did what nintendidnt. There was never a blood code included in the snes version. This was no longer mk, it was shaq fu. The moves were still the same, but no blood, no brutality. I watched as the grey sweat flew out. She then uppercut me on the pit to trigger the level fatality. No gore. Just a body lying on nails.

I then used scorpion and did his fatality. Still mostly the same, but instead of fatality, im greeted with "finishing move bonus".

I learned something that day. Mortal kombat on snes just didn't feel right. I am actually kind of saddened for those who never got to experience a,b,a,c,a,b,b.

Drake Out


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