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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Blood Code

So the wife decided today, while being bored, that she wanted to play snes. She hasnt quiet advanced to the modern consoles yet, she enjoys simplicity.

So I suggested donkey kong country. I have yet to beat it. But instead she chose mortal kombat (the original) for snes.

Growing up with mk on the genesis. First thing I asked was "Do you know the blood code?". She said no, didn't even know of such a thing. So I pulled up the old inet.

I then learned that sega did what nintendidnt. There was never a blood code included in the snes version. This was no longer mk, it was shaq fu. The moves were still the same, but no blood, no brutality. I watched as the grey sweat flew out. She then uppercut me on the pit to trigger the level fatality. No gore. Just a body lying on nails.

I then used scorpion and did his fatality. Still mostly the same, but instead of fatality, im greeted with "finishing move bonus".

I learned something that day. Mortal kombat on snes just didn't feel right. I am actually kind of saddened for those who never got to experience a,b,a,c,a,b,b.

Drake Out

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