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Jurrassic Park: The Game Brings on the Action

So here's an interesting tidbit, I use to love Jurassic Park. From the books to the movies, even the games, I enjoyed them all. So a part of me was excited when I first saw Jurassic Park game play, but now I get a trailer full of action. Well there you have it action,dialogue, and dinosaurs. Here's hoping this whole game isn't a quick time button pressing (as I've noticed in game play) and actually has some depth.

Uncharted 3 - Cargo Plane Fight

I dont have a PS3, watching gameplay of this game makes me want one. Knowing how Uncharted 2 did so well, looks like Naughty Dog is well on their way to another blockbuster/game of the year title.

Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition - Leaked Details

Here is a little insight to what you attendees of Call of Duty XP this weekend will be getting as a gift. For the rest of us, I'm going to go ahead and say well be paying $80 for this edition (based on previous 2 releases and editions). The Hardened Edition Comes with: Game with Unique Game Disc Art 1 Year Call of Duty Elite Membership (with founder status) Premium Steel book Case (PS3) Animated Timeline Theme (360)Spec. Ops Juggernaut Outfit for Avatar Limited Edition Field Journal Now to find out what over the top thing they have planned for the prestige edition.

Gears of War 3 Code Hunt: Just the Good's

For those that aren't aware, there has been a Gears 3 code hunt going on for I think a week or two now, where users are sent codes or find the hidden codes around sites, media, social networking sites, etc. Well it has came to my attention that some users are not able to participate because this is a US thing. Also some of the certificates are only good for certain users. So I am going to post the files from the giveaway here so all of you can enjoy them, no matter what nationality or user name you are. The .zip file I've already uploaded contains the first 13 files. It is a arrangement of certificates, posters,tattoos, and the coolest in my opinion, Anya paper craft.  The files that come out after today's date, I will upload individually.  So check back often, cause you know you gotta catch em all.... 8/31/11 -

Gears of War 3 Code Hunt: Just the Good's

Explore Halo:CE Anniversary Terminals

This past weekend we finally got a chance to view the terminals added into the Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition coming in November. First off let me say, I am very excited for this. I love the Halo stories and universe, and seeing these new terminal dive further into the story, just makes the nerd inside of me very happy. Not only did we get to preview one terminal, but 343 was feeling generous and allowed us a video cut of a second.

Moving to a new site

Whats up guys and gals. This is just a heads up that I'm going to be moving on to another site probably next week. So nostalgic gamr will be long gone. I'm in the middle of getting all these articles I've posted onto other site. But the migration isn't working too well. So look out next week for links to new site (hopefully it will be up by then, fingers crossed) and my final goodbye from nostalgic gamr. See you all in a gif... Drake out

Test from my phone

Trying to work out all the kinks on new site. Heres a test from my phone. Yee haw....

Welcome All.

Welcome everyone. Im trying to get the material from my old blog posted up here so bear with me. See you all in a lil bit. Drake Out

XBOX <3 YOU : Free Avatar Item

Im kinda late to the party one this one. But heres a way to get a free avatar shirt. Note: You Must Have Facebook Step 1: Go here and Like the page: Step 2: Use your Profile pic or whatever to put on there banner thing. Step 3: Get your code. This works for either a Male or Female.

Auto Draft

Join the Gotham City Impostors Beta

Entries are now being taken for the closed Gotham City Impostors Beta. Now I dont know that much about this game other than its a first person batman game, which from what I gather centers around wannabe clans and a multiplayer environment. Looks pretty interesting. This is open to PS3, 360, and PC owners (Sorry Wii fans). Edit: My bad forgot all about posting the link. Here ya go.... Click Here

Get Free Gears of War 3 DLC NOW!!!

So who's hyped about Gears of War 3? Well this guy definitely is. So I was shocked today when I stumbled upon Gears of War 3 DLC giveaway. Sure, its just a character for horde or multiplayer, but when it comes to DLC and it being free in today's time, You gotta take what you can get. Basically all you have to do is go to this site: Like the page, and get your code. Thats it your done. Of course this is only for people who have facebook (is there someone out there who is still a myspace only person?) but it only takes a few seconds to create a page. even if you do use false info. Either way you choose to do it.