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Free Earbuds/Headphones

Not to sure on the make or anything, but hey free is free. How much sound quality do you really need anyway while playing your ds or gameboy. Just register for a new account. Put in your address and place order. No Credit Card necessary.

Not forgotten.

Shout out to you all. I haven't forgotten about you. Getting ready to start a new series, and bringing more stuff to this site. Hold on tight.

Halo ce preorder goodies. - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trades avatar armor for pre-order Hopefully they have a collectors edition with much more than a avatar armor.

Im Back

Back into the states and back into action. Still trying to get over this boat lag (everything still feels like its moving). So im trying to get caught up on all the news I missed this last week. Ill hit you all up tomorrow. Drake Out.

Going away.

Going to be away from communication and technology for a few days. Catch up with you all Friday. Drake out.