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Free Assassins Creed Revelations Ezio Outfit

Gamespot is giving away a free outfit for Ezio to wear in ac revelations. It's the turkish outfit. I haven't seen it in game yet, but judging by the preview image it's the one that has like a mask. Looks badass. Grab yours here: 360 or ps3

Hangover Tuesday

Black friday is over and cyber monday is winding down. Now it's time to kick back and revel in your glorious take (or the lack there of). Gloat about your video game purchases, or share your horror stories here.

This video thing is harder than I expected

So basically I've been working on the reviews up I recorded over a month ago, and have been having some issues. First, my intro is generic and I hate that but until I get some more experience it will have to do. I'm also having issues getting things synced. I'm usually a heavy WMM user but decided to try my luck with sony vegas after hearing great praise. But I'm not having any luck as of yet. Maybe this weekend I can get at least one video up. Fingers crossed...

Free Booster Map Pack for Gears of War 3

Today while rummaging through black friday deals, I stumbled upon this free dlc. Now I have heard word that it is only free for today (no confirmation on this yet), so grab it quick. Who doesnt love free stuff? especially when it comes for a game that wants to sell you everything. Download Here

Free Avatar Gear: Xbox Birthday Prop

Today the original xbox  and microsofts entry into the game market turns 10. To celebrate the occasion microsoft are giving away a free prop to help celebrate this occasion. Click here to get yours now. Happy 10th Xbox