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Getting that Stream Ready

Sorry for the lack of content recently everyone, I have been fully entranced into Destiny again ***sigh*** Anyway, I have Time Warner Cable on the way at the end of this month (FINALLY!!) so I am working on getting my Twitch stream up off the ground again. I say ground loosely, since I am currently sitting at 1 follower, which I believe is Eric. I'll finally have the bandwidth required to actually stream. so I am really looking forward to that. I actually tried streaming on my S.A.S (slow as snot) internet a while ago, but the horrible upload kept me throttled (dat 500 kbps) Other than setting up the software, the question is becoming "What will I stream?" I don't know honestly, I don't see me being a specialized streamer that only streams one game, or stream everyday. I need to talk to the wife to get a schedule setup. But that all comes with time. Either way, Im ultra excited. Also you can find me on Twitch: Irate_Drake See you all soon....