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/Play Report\ After Burner Climax - 360

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like easy gamer score for playing a fairly fun game? I didn't think so. Enter After Burner Climax. After Burner Climax is a SHMUP created by Sega. Originally released in arcades in 2006, and later ported to XBLA and PSN in 2010. My best description for this game would be an arcadey, on the rails, flight shooter. You control your planes movement left, right, up and down, and how fast you progress into the levels. but you never turn around to see whats behind you or any 360 degree combat, always straight forward. At the beginning you select from 3 different planes (I didn't notice any differences) and then your on your way. Achievements- The games does require 4 play throughs. 1 for each plane and 1 score trial. Start off by going into options and lowering the difficulty to 1. Then jump in the plane of your choice and take off. I definitely suggest a turbo controller for this game, because you always want to be shooting.

Pokemon X/Y brightens up your Happy Meals next month

Having kids means your welcomed to all kinds of crappy kids meal toys. So its a ray of light when something just a little cool comes along. Fast on the heels of the Skylanders promotion, McDonalds are bringing games back to the happy meal with Pokemon X/Y toys. They look like neat statues, a cool decoration for my game room. They also look like they are accompanied with Pokemon trading cards. Excited parent mode engaged.