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Prey 2 gets canned. Shocks no one.

I was optimistically waiting for news of Prey's 2 release a years or two ago. But that hope diminished with time, and today Bethesda confirmed that Prey 2 has been canned. Prey 2 was supposed to put to in the shoes of U.S. Marshall Killian Samuel's, who was on the crashed plane (seen at the beginning of the Prey). The game was also suppose to star the protagonist from the first game, Tommy, as well. I actually enjoyed the Prey story played out in the first game and was looking forward to the expansion of it. Guess that wont be happening anytime soon.

Out of Nowhere: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas HD - Coming to 360

A day or so ago, the internet was set a buzz with the achievement list of a very surprising title, San Andreas HD. We then got some information. 720p, HD textures, achievements. So far we haven't heard any word of a PS3 release. No images or video have surfaced yet. This came as a very great surprise for me. As a guy that never played San Andreas, this is my chance to play the ~best~ GTA ever made, and or $15 bucks, its a steal. 

How to get Minecraft - XB1 Edition - $5

This between generation periods we are going through has been quite good for us gamers. First thing was Destiny, paid $60 for 360 digital, got XB1 version free. Advanced Warfare will be the same scenario. But then you have a game like Minecraft, that I just started playing this week. After 48 hours, I checked the price on XB1, just out of curiousity, and boom $5 for the XB1 Edition. That's a $15 rebate (usually $19.99). Don't have Minecraft on the 360? Redbox still carries it. So for $7 including rental, the discount can be yours.

Minecraft: I just dont get it.

Since Minecraft hit the scene, it has been a huge success. People love the game and love getting lost in their own personal digital world they have created. Ive avoided the game so far, for no reason particularly, other than it just didn't look that interesting to me. So last night, not really being able to decide on what to play, I figured "Now, I try Minecraft." So I unwrapped my disc, and threw it into my 360 console. 2 hours later and I still don't get it. My synopsis: Your a random guy blocked into block world with no objectives other than to survive. You smash blocks of materials to get blocks of materials. You use the blocks to build buildings or craft objects. Then the aggressive creatures show up. Spiders, skeletons and worst of all, creepers that blow up everything you have worked to build. Rinse and repeat. I don't get it. Ill give the tutorial a play tonight, maybe I'm missing something. Sell me on it folks. Forum Post Here

New GameCenter: Issue 24 available @ WalMart now

The latest issue of my favorite bathroom magazine is available at your local WalMart store now. Articles inside are a little lackluster this month (the ones ive read so far) and the "10 secrets of Destiny" article is nothing someone who has spent more than an hour in the game hasnt already figured out, But picking this up free will net you a pretty neat Shadow of Mordor poster. Check it out.

Advanced Warfare is getting the free upgrade treatment.

Its a great time to be a gamer. Being between consoles, game publishers are trying their best to hit both markets, and have found that digital delivery may be the best. I commented a few weeks ago about buying Destiny on the 360 and getting the digital version of Destiny free for the XB1, Today, I learned that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be the latest to offer digital buyers both current gen and last gen versions for the price of one. so go digital and let your $60 buy two versions. double the achievements fellas.