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Assassins Creed 3 - 100% Sync Complete

I never thought this day would come. After running into multiple issues originally with AC3, I cast it out like a leper, with no interest in picking it back up. Up until AC3, I had completed every game from the Assassins Creed franchise (on 360 anyway) to completion. I really enjoyed having all of them completed, but just figured AC3 would be that black mark. Until I played Black Flag. I fell in love with Black Flag. From the environment, storyline, the Jackdaw, Edward, everything. The game was great and I am so close to completing it, but one night while putting the case back on the shelf, I got that  guilty feeling. My eyes passed AC3 and I thought to myself "Was I too harsh on it?" "Do I really want to finish Black Flag before AC3?" "Am I really ready for this grind?".  The next day, I found myself on the path to completion. This time around the I enjoyed the game much more. I'm not sure whether I had a bleeding effect from Black Flag, b

Calling out the Hounds

In an attempt to make GTASC a bit more fun, I took too Twitter to call out the Achievement Hounds as a bit of friendly fun. The Achievement Hounds are one of the podcast teams we have a great relationship with and also members of their great community ( AH ). We look forward to this great friendly competition, and since we probably dont have a chance to win, it will be nice trying to beat you guys each week. Good luck and high TA to all....