Free Stuff Friday - The Matrix Blu-Ray

Since I'm keeping up with my new years resolution of at least one post a day, I figured free stuff Friday is pretty simple, and I know how much you all love free stuff.

For the return of FSF here at TSG, after its long ago abandonment, Today I will be giving away a copy of The Matrix on Blu-Ray.

I bought 1 too many copies of this movie on black friday, so this one is for one of you lucky readers out there.

To enter:

1. Just leave a comment below with your least favorite Matrix movie or game and why, along with your XBOX gamer tag, PSN ID, email address, something I can use to reach you if you win.

If you do not care, browse the site a bit and tell me things I need to address or things you all would like to see here.

Winner will be picked at random and giveaway ends at midnight tonight (eastern standard time)
Thanks again for visiting Thumbstick Gamer, and good luck.


  1. I hated the Matrix Revolutions. It was not as action filled as the 1st two movies and the story was not interesting in this finalle to the matrix series.

    PSN: JerseyLeoAL

  2. I wasn't much of a fan of Matrix Revolutions. I couldn't get into the plot at all and feel like it was an unsatisfactory end to the series.

    email: gramcanyon at yahoo dot com

  3. Enter the Matrix was a bit of a letdown for me. I probably expected more than it could ever deliver.

    email is onebadassmofo at gmail dot com

  4. Like others have said Revolutions was my least favorite. The movie just seemed flat. Not even Colonel Sanders could save the end.

    PSN: Azazael13

  5. I had a hard time enjoying Enter the Matrix. I would have put it aside totally if it were not for the FMV cutscenes from the actual filmmakers.

    email is jayhest1138 at yahoo dot com

  6. I think the second Matrix was my least favorite. I remember thinking the first one was great and kind of wished they left the series at that but the third one was pretty good which kind of made up for the second.

    CAG ID: Daver16

  7. My least favourite matrix was the last one, The Matrix Revolutions. The main reason was the ending, I didn't like it, it just felt rushed and unsatisfying.


  8. Revolutions was my least favorite. The religious allusions, moreso towards the end, seemed a bit forced.

    CAG: eugaet
    Twitter: eugaet
    XBL: (You guessed it...) eugaet

  9. Reloaded was definitely my least favorite. Far too slow, and I thought the twins were kinda lame.

    email: kazuokiriyama17 at msn dot com

  10. I have never found any of the official games very compelling. I actually like some of the Max Payne mods better.


  11. Matrix Revolutions was my least favorite Matrix Movie. I did not enjoy the dialog at all, and it seemed that it was forced and tacked on. The final fight seen was somewhat cool, but seemed more like a Anime movie than a live action movie.

    CAG: GamjawanG
    XBL: GamjawanG

  12. The Matrix as the bullet time was great when it was 1st introduce. A western movie with Asian style.

    Xbox 360: Epic MidKnight


  13. The 2nd one was my least favorite. The first one was awesome and I actually liked the 3rd one.

    email: kingcobra22 at gmail dot com

  14. Reloaded was my least favorite. I honestly don't remember much about either sequel (I've blocked them out of my memory), but I was so excited for this movie and so let down. And that much hyped car chase scene to end all car chase scenes...Lame!

  15. Revolutions was my least favorite. The amount of CG on the human (and agent) characters took away from the movie. The movie itself is pretty good, but does not compare to the original. The first Matrix is one of the best, most creative movies ever made.

    PSN - woz3323

  16. Honestly I didn't care for either of the sequels. The first one was damn near revolutionary, but the 2 follow-ups were just huge let downs. Too much CG and special effects and virtually no emphasis on story. I did like when Jada P's character actually used nmap when hacking that terminal system thing (nmap is a real *nix network scanning tool). The site looks good, I like the color scheme, but I would kindly recommend you customize the template a little bit, maybe add some better navigation tools on the right-hand side. Thanks for the giveaway!

    XBL: stryk187
    PSN: stryk187
    CAG: stryk187

  17. The Matrix Revolutions by far was the weakest of the movies they built up such a good story with the first two movies and then they just seemed to rush the whole last movie. The story arc just seemed so different from the first two movies, I was disappointed that they didn't send the trilogy out with the same level of the first two movies. That's my opinion.
    email -

  18. Believe it or not, I have never seen any of the Matrix's. I hope you will count this post anyway =). Contact me on CheapAssGamer username: plvl

  19. i like te first matrix movie because it was new and different. the 2 movies after were just a big money grab and really didnt end well.

    psn id: dragoun

  20. Matrix revolution was so rushed! I think they entered in a phase with no more ideas

  21. Revolutions was the worst because of so many reasons. The recast Oracle (original actress died) was terrible and there was a lack of Agent Smith, who was my favorite character. They should have had Hugo Weaving play Bane. Also, the ending was a huge disappointment.

    XBL GT: SolemnDarkness

  22. Revolutions for sure. It just wasn't as good as the first two. It was by any means bad but the first two were just much better.


  23. Winner: GamjawanG (post 11 through random number generator)

    I'll be in contact with you. Thanks everyone for visiting.


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