2013 Calendars - $2.44 @ Walmart

So your probably thinking to yourself, this isnt Slick Deals, so why is there a post about calendars on here?

Because they have video game calendars you silly's. While shopping for groceries last night with my wife, we were headed towards the checkout and I saw a calendars display standed near the front. The first thing that caught my eye was the 50% off sign, the I picked up a Outhouse calendar for a laugh. So i browsed around and found a 2013 Halo calendar.

Quickly I snatched it (there were plenty, just got excited) and continued browsing around and found some Angry Birds ones among other car,swimsuits, and scenic ones also. They are marked $4.88 but because of 50% off, $2.44 is final price.

I wanted one of these Halo calendars for Christmas, but they cost $15-$16 at my local mall. Finally my office desk can sport some Halo love.


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