TSG Giveaway - 50+ Games of Halo 4 Double XP

Today is the last day of the Halo 4 DewXP event and I have a butt ton of codes and double xp that I wont ever use.

So im giving 50+ matches away to one of you lucky readers.

To Enter:

Just put your gamertag in comments below and I will select one commenter at random and gift the matches to you.

Thanks again everyone.

Edit--- Just found out winners must have a dewxp account and Facebook account linked together. You must also be on my friends list on Facebook. So anyone who still wants in you can look me up on Facebook (Shaune Drake) and my other friend who has 50+ matches also (Eric Peterson) we are in KY. Put your gamertag in request line so we will only add the two winners. Sorry for confusion everyone, I thought this worked like MW3 did. Sorry... :'(


  1. Just checking out this site for the first time, like what I see so far! Earned a bookmark for your windows phone coverage. Got started on multiplayer late because I moved and didn't have internet at Halo 4 launch, so the double xp is helping me alleviate my noob rank, lol.

    XBL- CosmicPrankster

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We are actually up and coming here. Site still needs a lot of work, but were getting there.

      Thanks again for the feedback :-)

  2. This is extremely generous of you!

    XBL: Dudemaster12

  3. Thanks. I wish I had more, it looks like it will actually be 60+ games of double xp.

    I also might check with one of my friends and see how much double xp time he has left, and select a few of you all to receive some time.

  4. my gamertag is overblood

  5. Appreciate the chance, thanks.

    XBL - daluva00

  6. Just saw the last edit... I don't have a facebook account but you can use your dewxp account and link it to your xbox live to redeem the codes... Not sure if i was understanding the edit... hoping no facebook account doesn't disqualify me...

  7. my facebook is this https://www.facebook.com/plittlehale


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