Thumbstick Reader: Beginning Frozen Pirate

I finally have another tablet, so I'm bringing back this segment of the site.

The next book on our list will be Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell.
Ive gotten through a couple chapters of the book already and its extremely detailed and has so far dragged me into the story. Ive found no racism yet, unlike the last book I started with, so hopefully all goes well and we get a good free read.

For anyone new to this segment, Thumbstick Reader is like a book club. Some of us still like to read when were not gaming, so i created this segment to discover stories and tales long lost with time, and maybe find a new classic they can cherish. So far, I've been suggesting the book of the month (or longer depends on how long it takes to finish) which are always free e-books from, which can be downloaded and read on any smart phone/tablet/kindle/computer out there.

Unfortunately (as I discovered in the last scrapped book) because these books are older, some are written during a period where segregation and racism was accepted and it shines bright in some books, So i try to get a couple chapters in before filling you all in on book we will be reading.I'm kind of a slow reader so this gives you all more than enough time to finish it, and discuss it. There is no timeline to finish reading the book, so take your time and jump in on the comments once your finished.

The books are usually picked based on what intrigues me at the moment, or whatever i find that may be/looks entertaining. I'm also open to user suggestions, which you all can send to

You can download Frozen Pirate here for free.

Look out next month for my thoughts and opinions on Frozen Pirate and feel free to add your own there.

Read on Gamers.


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