Weekend Refresh - 1/12/12 - 1/13/12

Another slow weekend. The wife and I are in the middle of transitioning back to our house so that's been my main focus. I did manage to play a little bit though.

Its started out with Doritos Crash Course. I played it throughout the week to try to finish all gold before buying dlc, because dlc glitches achievement if you download it before you complete this achievement. I finally completed it and bought the DLC for another easy 100 GS, to give me a total of 300/300 on that game.

I then banged out some more Kinectimals on my phone. My wife thinks I'm obsessed with this game, but im really just grinding out till level 20 so i can be done with this game.

Sunday, Peterson and I had 3 Achievement Hounds Halo 4 Tourney matches. Our first match was insta-win because team never showed up. Game 2 we were dominated by Report Fast (while the Flaming Chode hid from us). The guys a beast at Halo 4, plus Peterson having an off game didn't really help us, but hey you cant win them all. Game 3 we faced off again Eliteedawg420 and LSC Sandman. We faced them in round 1 and it got close, this time we were trying to rally from a crushing defeat, and took home the win. Then we sat waiting for the no-shows to make an appearance while BS 'ing with Elitee and Sandman. Nice guys to chat and shoot the shit with.
I also got an update for Modern Combat 3 on my Nexus 7 Friday evening, got it downloaded, installed and tested. All is up and working on that front, and hopefully ill have Internet back at our house this week.

Anyone have a more interesting weekend recap?


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