Achievement Hounds - A Podcast You Should Be Listening Too

Id like to turn the attention to another group of great gamers, The Achievement Hounds.

The Achievement Hounds Podcast is a podcast all about gamer score. These guys live and breathe achievements. Their show consist of 4 segments. In the first segment each hound details what game they have been playing for the week, and even provide insight and tips they have found during their play time.

The next segment is new releases. Here you will get the low down on what to expect from the new releases from an achievement standpoint, and achievement list are scoured over to find that latest easy 1000 Gamer score game.

This is followed up by a game of the week, at which point the hounds dive deep into strategy to help you get all those achievements for their pick of the week. Very informative and helpful when trying to find the easy way to do things allot of times.

Next its on to tournament/community.leader board in which you will find tournament updates, member shout outs, questions from the listeners and much more.

The Achievement Hound community is a growing community with lots and lots of content, and its very easy to immerse yourself into their forum and threads on the site. From joining challenges to just shooting to bull. AH has something for everyone.

You can join their site here, here and here. Also listen to their podcast. You can find it on iTunes and Zune and for fellow droid users you can find it using Beyond Pod App or probably any other podcast manager you use.