Weekend Refresh - 1/5/12-1/6/12

Weekend refresh is something new I started that just covers my gaming from the weekend. For those interested in what I've been playing. figured its a good Monday post to get me started.

On to business. This was a slow weekend in gaming for me, a lot of  personal things to get done. So I started off with some AlphaJax. I was sitting at a rating of 1485. Only 25 points a way from the hardest achievement for the game. So I start going through games I've started with people and they have just set for longer than a week, and forced their defeat. EMT 969 and SSG HEADCASE also resigned a few games they had started with me and it pushed me up to 1535, then played a game with EMT and it unlocked.

I then moved on to Kinectimals (WP8), this has been my toilet title for the last couple weeks, and it seems like I'm just grinding at the moment to finish it. I got the 25 Gold Medals achievement, then let my wife play, (she loves this game), and that was it for that.

Saturday and Sunday I spent a lot of time on my Nexus 7, downloading and discovering games, I have found a couple really good titles it seems, which I will be detailing here later this week.

Sunday, SSG HEADCASE and I had a Halo tournament to warm up for so we played maybe 4 matches then the tournament started. We did good throughout tourney matches, another post on that later also.

So that's my weekend refresh, what did you guys play?


  1. I played.....oh wait almost everything you played.


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