Happy New Year Thumbers!!!

Its a new year everyone. Anyone broke their resolutions yet?

Personally, I never really set a goal for the year, I dont like setting myself up for failure.

My goals for the site on the other hand, are rather lofty and rather exaggerate. I have alot I want to get going here and theres alot going on behind the scenes to add value and fun to the site.

First off, EMT 969 and myself will be entering a GamerScore Challenge/Contest near March, along with two of our other friends SSG HEADCASE (Eric) and alkaline eel (Justin). We havent came up with a team name yet, since theres still plenty of time, but we will probably be covering that from time to time on here im sure.

Secondly, Im looking at diving into a podcast. Ive never done one nor do I know much about how to do one, but the whole process and outcome has me intrigued. We are constantly talking games, so i figured why not share our thought and opinions with all of you all out there. May come to fruition, may not, only the future will tell.

Lastly, you all may have noticed how this site really caters to XBOX 360. In all honesty its because that is what we all game on. For one reason or another the 360 is our preferred consoles. and both EMT 969 and I are achievement addicts. I will still try to follow the PS3 and other happening in the gaming industry as it perks my interest, but im afraid that they wont get the attention they deserve and for that I apologize.

So heres hoping that at least some of this stuf happens here at homebase. I am going to start making it a priority to at least post one thing a day, even if its just a thought or a free code to some dlc or something. I am going to start making this site more appealing to newcomers and fellow thumbers, along with more quantity of articles, postings and giveaways.

Now for my personal gaming goals. At this moment my gamerscore is sitting at 108682. By December 31st, 2013 my goal is a gamerscore of 200,000. Yeah its a lofty goal, but with a GS competition on the way, its only going to help me reach that goal and keep me motivated to do so.

My retro goals is to finish Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. My wife and I have been trying to knock it off my list every little bit from time to time. Going to have to set down and talk her into playing it again.

Anyway, Ive got alot of stuff in this head of mine, which may or may not transition into some over the top stuff here. But only time will tell. Heck, Ive got 364 day to get this stuff done, heres hoping I can...


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