Need a New Watch? Make it Awesome!!!

Very rarely do things about fashion come along and make me want to scream with joy. But this is one of those times. Over on CAG a thread popped up about how to make 007 Wristwatch for $7 shipped.

Intrigued I opened it and what I found inside was a world of sheer awesomeness. It looks like this popped up on Reddit about a month ago, but not being a Reddit follower, I missed it.

You can get a decent Goldeneye 007 (N64) Wristwatch replica from the folks over at for $7 shipped. Several People on Reddit have reported getting the watch and were very pleased.

Thanks goes out to Nephilim (User at Cheap Ass Gamer) for Original Write-up im just copying and pasting here

The whole process took about 5 minutes to order and heres a how to.

1) Go here and grab the image you will need for the watch face

2) Go to and sign up for a new account. By signing up for a new account, you get a bunch of free stuff including the watch (shipping is the $7)

3) Go to the Sports Watch page here

4) Click "Create it"

5) On the right under "Get started", click on 'choose file', find the photo you just downloaded, then click "NEXT Add and Preview"

6) As shown below, change the "Overlay" drop down menu to "No Clock Text"

7) Click "Review and Order"

8) Click "Add to cart" and you should see a total price of ZERO after the deduction of $10.99

9) Click "Checkout" and you should see a price on the right of $6.99 total

10) Pay with Paypal or Credit card and done
If you are buying more than one watch, enter code CLOCKWATCHES at checkout to get each watch for $5.99.

In addition, you can go to this page here and enter the codes and GIVEITEMS to get even more free stuff on your account.

To check the free stuff you have on your account go to "My Account" > Coupons & Discounts

They basically give you tons of free stuff but you pay the shipping.

Nintendo originally sold an official version that had a 007 logo hologram in the center of the watch. They are apparently hard to come by and look like this:

And now for pics of the artscow ones you will receive.

You can make a face out of pretty much everything (any wallpaper, picture, image, gif) you can think of.

You can find some more user created designs here at the original thread: Cheap Ass Gamer

I personally ordered three: The 007, Assassins Creed, and a Halo one I made:

Share yours in the comment below....


  1. Heres a blackops 2 one.

    wallpaper used is here:


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