Thumbstick Reader Update: Latest Book Scrapped

So Ive found problems trying to find rare gems from books published in a different era of time, sometimes you lose.

Last time I stated that I would be starting Five Thousand Miles Underground by Roy Rockwood. Well I tried and tried and tried, but I cant go any further into this book.

/ Start Rant

First of all, wow, racist much. I couldn't hardly understand a word Washington was trying to say, I thought it was some kind of ebook  translation error that happened then a few more sentences and still I pondered what was up. Then I found out that Washington was an African-American. So things were misspelled and missplaced on purpose to render his inability with words.

Granted this was written in 1908, its just amazing how racist it is. I had a hard time gripping with this. Finally I did and tried to move on. Then it got worse.

When I chose this book, I had no idea it was part of a trilogy and this was the third book. It would have been great if it would have stated that somewhere. You get to a point in the story where Washington goes to fetch some boys for his master, on their way back the book takes a sidetrack to tell you about the last two books, in depth and basically reads like an advertisement, the only thing missing is the "grab them in stores now!!!".

Id rather book start out with "Hey dumbass, you probably never read the first two books, so start there first asshole."

So I pondered going back to read the first two, so I knew what was up with these characters, but decided against it, and continued my quest. Then came the final straw.

I put the book down for awhile and decided to give it another chance. So I'm reading about the two boys talking to Washington as they make way to the professor, and one of them ask if the gas will be finished "to-day". So again I'm thinking spelling errors in conversion, then I see "to-morrow". Over and over again.

So I just said "This is terrible" closed the book on my kindle and deleted it. I got a whole 5% of the book complete, before I threw in the towel.

For anyone who has been reading along with me and has gotten further or even finished it, report back, id really like to hear your opinions.

Ill announce a new book later this week, hopefully something light on racism and trilogies.

/ End Rant

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