Gamerscore Rewards Inbound via Xbox LIVE Rewards

We heard a few months ago that Xbox LIVE Rewards program were pondering/teased the concept of giving rewards out based on achievements. Looks like they went another way with it though and have decided to deal out rewards based on Gamer Score.

Since it is now fall, Microsoft has decided to reveal its new way of earning through its reward program. If you checkout the Xbox LIVE Rewards site now, there is a new section called "My Achievements". There you can view what rewards you will receive based on your GS.

The first level of the tier is the Contender level, Which requires you to have 3000G or higher, you will be able to obtain a "Special Gift" during your birth month. A footnote on the site values this gift at an ungodly 25 cents.

The second level is the Champion level. Requiring members to achieve a coveted gamerscore of 10,000GS, you will not only be rewards with a 25 cents gift on the month of your BDay, but also receive a whopping 1% rebate on your XBL Marketplace purchases every month.

Last but not least is the tier reserved for only the elite gamers, those who have achieved the unheard of level of 25,000GS will be granted superior access to the Legend level, which not only nets you the awesome birthday gift, but you also receive the ultimate 2% rebate on your Marketplace purchases every month.

To enjoy all these ultimate gifts, users must remain an eligible XBL Gold member.

As you can tell, Microsoft set the bar a little low in my opinion. Almost everyone on my friends list already have obtained the first 2 tiers, and those without 25,000 already either are not completionist, or just don't game well. Of course with such amazing rewards, I can see why they set the bar so low...


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