WiiU For U?

Today Nintendo announced its new console, the WiiU. My opinion, Im not impressed. I was unfortunate enough to buy into the Wii hype,even went as far a touting it “better than the xbox 360.” I still hang my head from that comment. Regardless though, my Wii has been gathering dust for the past 2 years, Why? For one there is a lack of good games. The majority of wii games are shovelware or minigames, and lacking in substance.

After viewing the release video of WiiU, I cant help but not get excited. I’ve been here before. The Wii was shown and I thought “hell yeah, this is going to be awesome!!!” Only to be disappointed. The WiiU looks cool enough but does it really offer anything new?

Aside from the WiiU Controller being (looking I should say) awkwardly huge. Im not seeing it really offer anything yet, in the form of revolution, to gaming. From what I’m seeing is a Wii that “may” be able to compete with current gen. systems. The WiiU offers 1080p,motion sensor controller, video chat, online play. All of which current gen. systems have.(Im guessing here PS3 has Video chat)

So what really is this console bringing to the table? I have to admit being able to continue playing games on the controller when the wife is watching army wives is pretty intuitive. But that’s the reason I have multiple tv’s and 2 consoles. So that I can enjoy surround sound and games while the 50” is being sucked up by Greys Anatomy.

I know its bad of me to pass judgement of this console so early in its life, but the Wii left a bad taste in my mouth. A very bitter taste.